Mail • June - Sept 2015 • LAG • Piranhas • Laurie Poore • Joe Cool • Depressions

Jon Dale | Nick Dwyer | Sept 2015
Dear Phil, I hope all is well with you. Sorry for the unsolicited message, I hope you don't mind. I was just searching for Nick Dwyer from Louder Animal Group, and I saw that he had contacted you some time ago regarding the Louder Animal Group page at the Brighton Bands web site.

I'm working on a book on UK DIY singles, and would love to talk to Nick about the Louder Animal Group's "Pip Pop" 7", I think it's a magic record, we'd really like to feature it in the book. Would you have any contacts for Nick, perhaps? Many thanks for your time, Kind regards, Jon

Jean-Marc Quintana | Joe Cool | Aug 2015
Hello Phil. I finished the article on Depressions. I sent the questions to Suchart (Joe Cool & the Killers) but I have not heard. Finally, I would find Robert Simmons (or brother) of XL5 . Can you help me again? Thanks for all. You are the only site to help me. I asked Punk 77, they never answered me ! Sincerely. Jean-Marc Quintana

Nicole Coventry | Piranhas | July 2015
Dear Punkdaddy! I’ve just come across your web site and wondering if you might have any clues – I am currently trying to find the rights holder/s for this track to use in a short film currently in pre production in Australia.

I don’t seem to be having much luck tracking ANYONE down so am wondering if you have any suggestions? Will be so grateful for any tips. Thanks a bundle, Nicole Coventry (Sydney, Australia)

Jean-Marc Quintana | Joe Cool | June 2015
A big thank you. Dave Barnard sent me all his answers . I can finish the article on Depressions. I contact the Killers ... soon .

Radha | Laurie Poore | June 2015
Hi, Can you tell me how Laurie Poore is doing?I was married to him a long time ago!! Thank you....

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Jean-Marc Quintana | Joe Cool | June 2015
Hello Phil , I got in touch with Dave, that's great! The Brighton connection working well, would you contact of the band Joe Cool and the Killers? Thank you for the indication of the book by Alex Ogg ... but my English is too bad ... conversely, I write French well enough! Thank you for everything and goodbye.

Jean-Marc Quintana | Depressions | June 2015
Hello, no news for XL 5. There is another band of Brighton interests me: The Dépressions. Do you have a contact ? Thank you in advance. Jean -Marc Quintana

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Mail • April 2105 • Smeggy & The House of Cheese R.I.P.

Rob Martin | Dave Cheesybits | April 2015
Hello. For those of you in Brighton, who knew Dave Cheesybits of Smeggy and the Cheesybits fame (and House of Cheese), it’s with great sadness that I have to write to tell you that he died of cancer last week, after battling with it for several years.

Certainly he will be muchly missed by the Isle of Wight music scene, where he was a huge influence on many; an original musician and an entertaining performer.

I know he had many fond memories of his time in Brighton and spoke highly of many of the Brighton characters in the late 70s. The House of Cheese is dead – Long Live Cheesybits!
Rob Martin.

Roger | Dave Bowater | April 2015
Your older readers might like to know that Dave Cheesybits, of Smeggy and the Cheesybits, died on April 15th 2015.

Funeral (they’ll probably call him Dave Bowater) is on 27th April 2015 09:45 at
Isle of Wight Crematorium
Station Lane, Whippingham, East Cowes
Isle of Wight PO32 6NJ

I suspect there will be drinking afterwards.
He was indeed correct when he said...

Dave Cheesybits | Revenge of the Lawn |
16 Nov 2013
After sending you my last post (re: Boaty Dave) I realised that since I last posted at this site I have been in a whole other band. I can (almost) guarantee that this will be the last.

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Jean-Marc Quintana | XL5 | April 2015
Hello, I work at present on a book in French on the bands little known punks having recorded vinyl. Among them, there is XL5. Regrettably, I do not understand all the sense of the song " Here comes comes the knife ", can you help me? Have you other information on the band ? It will be my third book : “Décélération punk” et “Le rock c’est ça !” (look on the Internet at my name). Friendly.

Mail • Feb 2015 - April 2015 • Helen McCookerybook • Jukebox problems

Spinning Chilli | Helen McCookerybook |
April 2105
Hi Phil. You may already know that Helen McCookerybook is doing another solo gig in Brighton at The Prince Albert on Sunday April 19th. Helen is supporting Lesley Woods, formerly from post punk band The Au Pairs.More info at Doors 8pm. Adv tickets £6 from Resident or wegottickets.
£7 on the door.
Cheers, Shelley

Ralph Heibutzki | Numbers | March 2015
Hi, there. Great site -- would you be able to help me get in touch with Paul Shand? I love the Numbers EP, and am doing an old-fashioned cut 'n' paste 'zine -- and I'd like to interview him for it. If you can pass my info on, that'd be great, too -- for more info, see the web address below my name...lots of punk/garage-related content kicking around...but that'll give you a basic idea of my style, anyway. Thanks for your time, look forward to hearing from you! Regards,
Ralph Heibutzki/Chairman Ralph

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Naomi San | Jukebox | Feb 2015
Hi all at punkbrighton. Nice website, but I tried downloading some mp3s from your punkbrighton jukebox and I couldnt!

I was a big fan of Midnight & the Lemon Boys back in the day. Some weeks ago I downloaded a couple of songs by them but their tracks seem to have gone missing too! Sorry, I hate complaining...

punkdaddy, April 2015: Yes this issue is in the process of being fixed. The jukebox is up and running again after some technical issues. Sorry for the hassle.

Mail • November 2014 • Golinski Brothers final Albert bash

Jonathan Sussams | Golinski Bro | Nov 2014
The website has been transformed. Excellent. The best band in '79 was the Golinski Brothers (Chefs? They were so '78 - only joking Helen). See you at the GB gig?

Darris Golinski | Final gig | Nov 2014
Well that's that then, innit? Thought that after the Golinski Brothers Resurrection back in 2009 we were all set for a late take-off into stardom - and now it's come to this - the last round-up.
At the celebrated Prince Albert on November 29th Golinski Brothers will rip through their set for the last time in Brighton where it all started thirty-five years ago.
'Tried It, Didn't Like It'...'Struck by Lightning'.....'On the Boulevard'... Golinski Brothers will be tearing the arse out of their old set, reducing it to kindling and chucking it on the bonfire of a dream that once burned so bright!
Unfortunately, though, the band will not be performing their most popular song 'Bloody'.
Singer Darris Golinski has announced that his voice can no longer manage those piercing plaintive high notes........unless you are there to help him along!!!  Will you be there to help him along?

On a spectacular evening's bill of entertainment, 'Boring' Bob Grover will be heading up the latest incarnation of the fabulous Piranhas (Piranhas Four), the band that got the whole thing going back in the days of the Alhambra and the Resource Centre.
Getting the show on the road and introducing a youthful element , all the way from Vermont USA, the phenomenal Describers will be singing some incredible close harmony Americana and Country music.
There is only one question you need to ask yourself, punk - CAN YOU MISS IT?

Get Tickets


Kevin Wright | Front | Nov 2014
Here you go Phil. Here's the link to get tickets. If you can stick this up on the website I'd greatly appreciate it. Can't wait. It'll be a great night. Cheers pal, Kev

Read more details on this excellent Brighton-based film showing at the Komedia on Sat 6 December

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Jim Morgan | ISC 2014 | Nov 2014
Hi, I want to let you know that the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2014, has re-opened for two special promotions "Sing Your Heart Out" and "Pick Your Cause", and any help from Punk Brighton in distributing this news would be greatly appreciated.
Called "the songwriting competition to take note of," by the New York Times, ISC gives away more than $150,000 in cash and prizes, including a Grand Prize of $25,000 cash and over $40,000 in prizes. Judges for this year include: Tom Waits, Sarah McLachlan, Bastille, J. Holiday, Sara Evans, DJ Snake, Avicii, McCoy Tyner, Garbage, John Hiatt, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Gerald Casale (Devo), Monte Lipman (President, Universal Republic), Dan McCarroll (President, Capitol/Virgin Label Group); and many, many more. We sincerely appreciate your support and hope you can help spread the word about ISC 2014. Best Regards, Jim Morgan Marketing Director
Contact: Candace Avery 615.251.4441

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Mail • August - October 2014 • Ian Smith, BWE, RIP

Hi, I want to let you know that the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) has extended its deadline until November 4, 2014, and any help from Punk Brighton in distributing this news would be greatly appreciated. A press release is attached.

Called "the songwriting competition to take note of," by the New York Times, ISC gives away more than $150,000 in cash and prizes, including a Grand Prize of $25,000 cash and over $40,000 in prizes. Judges for this year include: Tom Waits, Sarah McLachlan, Bastille, J. Holiday, Sara Evans, DJ Snake, Avicii, McCoy Tyner, Garbage, John Hiatt, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Gerald Casale (Devo), Monte Lipman (President, Universal Republic), Dan McCarroll (President, Capitol/Virgin Label Group); and many, many more.
We sincerely appreciate your support and hope you can help spread the word about the extended deadline for ISC.
Best Regards, Jim Morgan, Marketing Director

Roy Bayfield | Ian Smith | 6 Aug 2014
Hi. Not sure if you’ve heard, but Ian Smith from Bird With Ears has died.
Obituary here
All the best
Roy Bayfield
Director of Corporate Communications
Edge Hill University

Martin | Ian Smith | 10 Aug 2014
So so sad to hear about Ian. Haven't seen him since 80's but always assumed I'd
bump into him one day. One of the most talented guys I ever met and nice guy and
all. Xxxx

Jay Butler | Ian Smith | 6 Aug 2014
...sorry to hear of the death (suicide) of Ian Smith, Birds with Ears.
Career details here

Love & respect,

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Mail • Sept 2013 - Mar 2014 • Boaty Dave • Piranhas • Eye To Eye • BWE • DD

Dave Cheesybits | Revenge of the Lawn |
16 Nov 2013
After sending you my last post (re: Boaty Dave) I realised that since I last posted at this site I have been in a whole other band. I can (almost) guarantee that this will be the last. Your readers can download all audio files here
This includes a recording of our appearance at the Isle of Wight festival in 2010 when we performed a rendition of Hey Jude on the Triple Shielded Impeller Driven Filtration Unit from a Bosch XL-4721-EM Dishwasher. There are also several videos of the band
Dave Cheesybits

Dave Cheesybits | Boaty Dave | 16 Nov 2013
I've just read Chris Anderson's post about the death of Boaty Dave. I remember him well. I think he was in the merchant navy at the time and so would disappear for a few months and then suddenly appear determined to have a good time. I always found him to be a funny and charming bloke (mind you I doubt if I ever met him sober). Dave Cheesybits

Dave Sharpe | Piranhas | 4 Nov 2013
Hi there Phil – here’s a link to the piranhas first session, really fantastic quality – maybe you could get Stuart to replace the tracks on the site with these? All the best, Dave

Brian Thomas | Eye To Eye | 2 Nov 2013
Hi Phil, sorry about the delay of however many years getting back to you about Eye To Eye and the genius that is John Bolger. I'd like to send you a track of John but it is long - like really long - like about ten tracks long but formatted as one track witha coupla seconds between each song. I'm afraid I'm not sure if it is mp3 I think it might be CD audio. I'll attach it and see how we get on. The point is that John remains an undiscovered genius...perhaps some Brighton connection can get him discovered cos it's just such great material. He's writing great songs and forgetting them all the time. Am I imagining all this, or is he really a genius...omigod - it could be both!
01 Track 1

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Michael Wickens | BWE | 29 Oct 2013
Hi. Great site, many thanks. Was looking at the BWE section and noticed that Mr Sneed/ Doggy wasn't mentioned? I have a copy if you would like it uploaded? Mike

Ed: Have put them on the Jukebox

Lolly Dobrijevic | Dick Damage | 19 Sept 2013
One hellava nice guy, Privileged to have seen him perform, and to have made his acquaintance. Miss the 'old days' and miss Brighton. (As now living in Leicester with husband, two kids and a dog!)  Lolly

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Mail • Aug 2013 - Sept 2013 • Damage • Piranhas • Mockingbirds

Mark Farley | Dick Damage | 15 Sept 2013
Hi. We were chatting about the 80s at work last week and formative years etc.
As a born and bred Brightonian I am proud of the place and people. It was a cold winters night sometime around 1980, me and my mates were at Portslade School. Our biology teacher Pat Nottage played the bass guiter in a band called Extremists in an Igloo and we followed the gigs or diffferent bands around town.
One gig we all decided to wear blue boiler suits my dad got from British Rail and paint the bands name on the back. We headed off to The Alhambra bar, which is now gone but was just along the road from Dr Brightons (now under the Thistle) 20p entrance fee to get in. The bar was bare, stone floor with an inglenook fireplace. Double Diamond was on draft for 60p a pint. There were about 20 of us and the supporting act had set up in the bay window, this being Dick Damage and his mate. He was a distinct chap wearing a white suit, with a twin fringe that was split down the middle, similar to Tony Hadley, supported by what I think was a Casiotone miniature synth. We were all set and Dick got going followed by The Extremists, it was a night that you cannot forget, 20 students, 2 bands and a lock in.
Please give my regards to his family, the 80s gigs in Brighton could not be matched, Dick Damage, New Model Army, Psychic TV, Extremists to name a few. Great times with great characters. Kind regards. Mark Farley.  

Diz | Brighton bands | 14 Sept
Hi, I don’t know if you can help us or not but we are looking to get in touch with a couple of bands that are featured on your brilliant web site. One of the bands is the Numbers. I have been trying to track down this band for years, With a name like Shand I thought it would be easy? Would love to know if they have anymore recorded tracks to make up an album worth? The other band is Wrist Action. I had a demo tape of some tracks but it played backwards? I am in touch with Thomas Maltby but he keeps bombarding us with strange emails? Any help would be appreciated…Thanks, Diz
PS: Another great band was Nicky and the Dots… Do they have any unreleased material?

John Gosling | Piranhas | 6 Sept 2013
Hi All. Thought you might like this. Its a 7" white label, dont think it was ever released, was given to me by Bob. Regards. John.

Mark Clayton | Jonnie & The Lubes | 25 Aug 2013
Hi....Would you know if the present Johnny and the Lubes will be releasing a CD of any or all of their music? Used to have the split 7", no. 635, till a thief availed himself of it. Their music SHOULD be committed to CD. Can you pull any strings? Mark...original fan. PS: The Executives should be included!!!

Wendy Mawson | Megawatz | 20 August 2013
Megawatz.....the indie down Preston Street ? WenX

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Dave King | Mockingbirds | 13 Aug 2013
Hullo, I have a live recording of the first version of the Mockingbirds, made in the Alhambra, in December 1979, I have digitised it, and was wondering if you would like it for your Jukebox?

Megon McCaul | Female punk | 8 Aug 2013
Hi there, My name is Megon and I write for a zine/blog called Only Death Is Fatal specifically about female-fronted punk, post-punk, KBD, power-pop and so on.  I am hoping you can help me with info for an article and series of interviews revolving around the Vaultage comps.  I am looking specifically to contact members of Devils Dykes, Mockingbirds, Objeks, Emma Sharpe, April & the Fools, Bright Girls. If you have any contacts you could send me or could pass my info along to them that would be great.  It seems by your site a lot of you are still in touch and I'm really hoping you can help!  Thanks so much for your time and your rad website!

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Mail • January 2013 - July 2013 • Dave Bairdow • Pookie • Objeks • Piranhas

Chris Anderson | Boaty Dave | 14 Jun 2013
Hello Punk Daddy, I emailed you last night but I was a bit pissed and emotional at the time so please don’t bother to consider that for putting on your website. I wrote regarding the loss of a great character on the Brighton ‘punk scene’ – “Boaty” Dave Bairdow – who sadly passed away this week in New York where he had been resident for some years.
Dave was not a musician, though he was friends with most of the bands in the late 70s/early 80s and roadied regularly for the Lemon Boys, Test Tubes and Smeggy.
 Later he became co-proprietor (with Andrew “Toot” Carmen) of the legendary Munnery’s Wine Stores in Kemp Town and was the proud supplier of Merrydown Cider to the infamous Anarchy Ranch.
If people don’t remember him by name they would have known the face – a bit of a Hugh Cornwell lookylikey – Simon Watson at Sidewinder Management has a great photo of Boaty playing table-top Space Invaders with Larry Mullen Jnr from U2 – maybe he will send you a copy if you contact him. Another one bites the dust …Chris Anderson

Laura Manicom | female punks | 3 June 2013

Hi, I stumbled across this fantastic site whilst browsing UK punk sites. Hope it's alright to post on here that I'm looking for 'older' female punks to speak to as part of my phd research. The research aims to talk to women aged 30+ who self-identify as punks about what being punk means to them, their experiences etc.

The main reasons behind this choice of topic are that I grew up around punk and it's something important in my life and a lot of research has focused on the voices of male punks, only some considers females and none has looked only at the voices of 'older' female punks (I'm using the term 'older' loosely just to distinguish from those under the age of 30 which previous research has usually looked at because, perhaps wrongly, there's the assumption of punk being a youth thing).

It would be a case of informal interviews via e-mail, perhaps with a face-to-face interview in the (not so near) future. And obviously I'm happy to answer any further questions about myself/the research etc first if required. My contact details:   THANK YOU! Laura.

Simon Staines | punk badges | 28 May 2013
Hi, I don't know if this is for you but I wondered if you would be kind enough to consider featuring our new print somewhere on your site.It is my collection of vintage punk badges from 1977 to the early 80's reproduced as an A2 print.
There are 204 original period badges, some of the bands featured are: The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Stranglers, Public Image Ltd, The Damned, 999, X-Ray Spex, Buzzcocks, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Adam and the Ants, The Slits, Crass, Stiff Little Fingers, The Ruts, The Vibrators, The Adverts, Chelsea, Stiff Records, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Vice Squad, Discharge, Anti-Pasti, ATV, The Skids and The Undertones.
Link to the print here:
Some more images here:
Many thanks, Simon Staines

Dave | Pookie | 22 May 2013
Hi. All I can say is I saw Pookiesnackenburger - along with Cliffhanger Theatre many times during the Edinburgh Festival in 1980’s - The greatest busking band & comedy entourage ever - These guys started a revolution that the rest followed - Laugh I nearly paid.  Quote this on your website and I’ve got photos.
Cheers. Dave

Wesley Kurs | Vaultage 78 | 4 April 2013
Just whipped out Vaultage 78 to play on my new record player,sounds as great as it did back when I was 15, more years ago than I like to remember.  Brilliant. Wes, ex scouser and Erics club regular, now in Canada.

Rick | Colin Murray (Parrots) | 17 February 2013
Hi. My name is Rick Bamford, and back in the day, I played drums with Colin Murray, along with Andrew Lindsay, Stewart Hanratty and another drummer by the name of Mike Cattel.

PLEASE, if you know how to contact Colin Murray, please ask him to call me on any of the number below or email me.

Our mutual friend and splendid guitar player Stewart Hanratty is gravely ill. is a gig / celebration of his life and work/ meeting of people Jazz Bar , Chambers St, Edinburgh, 3rd March 2013 with love, Rick Bamford

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Stella | Objeks | 6 February 2013
Hi there, Just wanted to say having found this site, what fun it was to look around.
I was in both The Objeks and The Molesters all that time ago so it all means something to me. Best wishes Stella (Anscombe)

Alex Leith | Piranhas | 29 January 2013
Hi there. Alex from Viva Brighton here. Newish magazine looking at what’s goingon in Brighton, and what’s gone on, too. Don’t know if you’ve seen the magazine, but you can look at the latest one, on pdf, here
Next issue, number 4, hitting the streets on Thursday, and I’m currently researching #5, as we go monthly. If you look at page 66 of the current mag, you’ll see we publish an old pic in the space we call ‘Inside Left’. I’d love to put a pic of the Piranhas in action circa 1978 (or just later). We don’t have a budget for this, but can be generous with plugs.

Have you got such a pic? I watched the Piranhas 13 times between 78 and 82, btw…Also looking at a picture of Chaos from the same era, for Viva Lewes Mag, but I think Johnny Denis might be able to help me with that. Best . Alex Leith Editor Viva Brighton Mag 07833 231784

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Mail • December 2012 - January 2013 • All Our Dead Sons • Dick Damage

Tomas Maltby | All Our Dead Sons II | Jan 2013
Because My House was looted and so was Tchiakovsky's Clothes and Thiakovsky's Daughter was Abducted which made the tabloids hence I wrote the poems "Alll Our Dead Sons" and "A poem to Jan Palalch "  which I write with Edward Silver who was The Political Poetry Editor of Richard Branson's "The Student " Magazine and wrote for The Underground Press who I co- wrote wrote in 1984-86 until Edward 's unfortunate death, which I feel should be investigated.

However my poetry agent was Peter Townshend from the rock band "The Who " who represented me at Faber and Faber who later left the Faber and Faber Team to to persue his own career . Peter Townshemd was our (Edward Silver and mine Tom Maltby 's ) Poetry Agent me and Edward wrote a POem dedicated to evyonne Flecther which was stolen; there were a lot of thefts of edwards and mine Poetry . So to summarise I Tom Maltby went out and defended "The Friends of John McCarthy" WHO FREED jOHN jOHN McCarthy and Brian Keenan as well from Beruit and those that stole from Ed Silver were those that stole from me Tom Maltby.

At the time there were a lot of thefts from my co-writer Edward Silver and me Tom Maltby in 1984 -5-6-7-8- until they murdered Edward Silver, which was fully documented in a Court of Law. Tchiakovsky 's Daughter was abducted in the year aproximately and his belongings were looted in the year 2000 2001 aproximatimately which was covered in The Press Association and The Associated Press as well as W.T.N. (i.e. World wide Television News ) formerly around Oxford Street ) the looting was broadcxasted around thew WorLDl hence W.T.N. Hence the Poem " All Our Dead Sons " by Ed Silver and Tom Maltby was pressed worldwide via W.T N. as well as "The Friends of John Mc Carthy " who lobbied Parliament for the release Of John as early as 1985. Yours Tom Maltby "Wrist Action"

Andrew Carter | Dick Damage | Jan 2013
Well this seems a very late tribute to my friend Dick Damage, whom I met in a bar in the arches along Brighton sea front in 1980, and found that apart from the immediately interesting persona of Dick, a very charming man, he needed a drummer for the band Dick Damage and the Dilemma. My audition was with Dick and the others in the vaults of an old church, in which the bodies embedded in the walls served as sound proofing, which meant several bands could be practicing down there simultaneously. I’m pleased to say I drummed well to a track written by Dick, and was accepted into the group. Whilst my drumming did not improve much during that short career with the Dilemma, we did get onto the local album Vaultage ‘81, a compilation of the local bands. We had hoped to record a track called “shame” but with the sound engineer being unimpressed with my drumming we ended up recording a track with a jazz beat called “Do the winkle picker”. Dick was well known for his winkle-picker shoes.
I am very sad that Dick has passed away and my best wishes and prayers are with his family. After we broke up I remember he set up two further bands one called The Damage Band and the other Damage and Co. Whilst he never became a global star he will be remembered very fondly by those who knew him as a very kind hearted man. Who am I? My name is Andrew Carter, and I only regret not having returned to Brighton so as to see Dick again after I left to go to college in September 1981.

Tomas Maltby | All our dead sons | Jan 2013
Yes it is true that I did music with Tchaikovsky before my home was firebombed and ironically Tchiakovsky's daughter was abducted in the year 2000 aprox. anyway, I wrote to Paul Martin re Punk Rock Poetry and my collaboration with Edward Silver with the Poetry which I forwarded some of the Poetry to Paul Martin via Helen Reddington i.e. two Poems "All Our Dead Sons a poem dedicated to Jan Palach. Ed Silver was the Political Poetry Editor of Richard Branson's "The Student " Magazine and also published

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Read and send messages of condolence for Jamie Barnard
or Dick Damage

under The Underground Press all our dead sons goes like what is shown below:
All Our Dead Sons
Footsteps in back streets at night as the last soldiers Head home to the comfort of coffee and hash  And as they prepare for the nights glimpses Into music and books they realise         They realise that repression of instinct                   Is not the basis of civilisation
T.C.Maltby and E.Silver

Anyway for more detail on the poem and Edward Silver please write to Paul Martin (and poem on Palach) I was thinking of hopefully we can construct , Punk Rock Poetry and turn it into all the musicians associated with The Punk Rock in Brighton . Anyway I hope you have got Paul Martin's e-Mail because it has all our dead sons and Palach as well as some bibliographic detail of Edward Silver I was thinking of having a poem in a book with the poem and a history of the author with it on the same page giving the reader an insight into the poets poet, as it were. Re Brighton Punk I sent some ideas on the movie that your making to Paul Martin and Helen Reddington (who I forwarded Palach and All Our Dead Sons to) is the new movie similar to a Talking Heads thing originally conceptual to Bleasdale?  Apologies for the length of this letter. Oh by the way have you got the tape Wrist Action did at Krakatoa Studios Withdean? All the best now hope to see you in the new year Tom Maltby.

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Mail • June 2012 • August 2012 • Dick Damage + The Mets

Nick S | Dick Damage + The Mets | August 2012
Hi, just been pointed at the website - brings back so many memories, can't wait to get hold of a Dick Damage t-shirt. Like most musicians in Brighton in those days, I played with him once. I was under a car I was helping a friend fix when I saw a pair of DMs attached to those yellow and black striped jeans he used to wear. The voice said "You got a keyboard? Fancy doing a gig tonight at The Richmond?"

This was Dick Damage's D-Vision - voice, guitar, bass, two drum machines (not synched together in any way) and, for one night only, me on keys - basically just noise, really, as there'd been no rehearsal and the guitar player was shouting the chords at me, but it was hard to hear because he was wearing a dog mask. At one point Damage poured Swarfega over his head. Then in the second set he tried to crowd-surf, but the audience parted like the Red Sea - and the Richmond stage was pretty high up!

I can't remember whether that was before or after the Dick Damage Big Band - we unwisely asked them to support us (see below) at The Alhambra and they took up half the room. Great band though...

Anyway, I notice The Mets are missing - I attach an MP3 and a band pic. The track was recorded at (I think) The Kensington, and the pic is at The Northern. At various times we must have supported or been supported by half the bands on here - loved the Executives, Woody and the Splinters and The Numbers especially.

We were also on the Daddy Yum-Yum Sunday night residency every other week. We were formed from the remnant of The Dials and Johhny Awkward and the Awkward Johnnies, who were mostly from Southampton (and drummer Benny said he'd been in the Lillettes for a bit, maybe you know him? He's British High Commissioner in India now or something), later parts went on to be in Perfect Way and Sean Connery. I was the bass player. Get in touch if you want more details. 

Guy Hayes | Dick Damage | July 2012
Hi Phil, I'm not Amanda, I used your email on your website and it came up on my partners email. Weird eh? Or I am technically challenged as befits a true 70's child. My name is Guy Hayes. I played drums with several bands around Brighton from about 76 onwards into the 80's. But Dick and the imitators gave me so many fantastic laughs. Feel free to publish my original email, or indeed any subsequent emails, I've nothing to hide. Just change the name to protect the innocent. Dick was a lovely bloke and I always had a laugh remembering the graffiti around Brighton like "Dick Damage eats your babies" and how when I first saw him I was 16 and I was a bit wary thinking he looked a right psycho...but I actually think I was more psycho than him. He just made me laugh. Especially when Frank 'ammer Smith of the DP's gave him some "uppers" and they turned out to be "downers"... cue the only instrumental gig Dick never did. He fell off the stage after about the third song, having forgotten most of the lyrics of the first two. .Awesome.
All the best, Guy 

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Guy Hayes | Dick Damage | July 2012
Just came across your very wonderful nostalgic website.I played drums for Dick Damage and the Imitators along with Charlie from Siren, Life Sized Models etc., two lads from Newcastle who formed Idrenes I think, and a very mad young lad who did backing vocals and poetry. They were the strangest conglomerate and most unlikely band mates I have ever encountered. All Dick's gigs were performances of high comedy and I don't think I ever met someone who was more not what the label said. I have a tape of us rehearsing,a great rarity. Not of good quality, but I suppose something could be liberated from it with a bit of modern technical tweeking, should any one be interested. Of all the people you meet in your life, if you ever met Dick, he would remain large in your memory. So many glorious recollections for such a short period of my life.

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Mail • March 2012 • Dick Damage

Dave Jones | Dick Damage | March 2012
Hello from Germany, it's March 2012 and I only just heard about Dick's passing which came as a real shock.  Only this morning I was humming one of his songs
- "oh boy you're a loser" which I have loved for decades now. 
Please accept my belated heartfelt condolences - I knew Dick as a very sweet, clever, creative and warm person, and although my other band - the Prime Cuts - were the best thing to come out of Brighton that decade, Dick was a far better lyricist and performer than I am.  I even name-checked his song "purple people" in a song I wrote and performed some years later.  
I had the privilege to spend some time as second vocalist in the bands Dick Damage and the Imitators (with among others the amazing Rob and Paul as co-members) and later Dick Damage and the Dilemma.  We often played the Alhambra, but also Lewes, Crawley, and a few other places I now forget.

My name in the band was Dave Extra, and it was the most amazing experience to perform with this legendary guy. Dick was Punk in Brighton -  and although I have spent the last twenty five years here in Bremen, Germany I still think about him.

ome of you will remember the final gig at the Alhambra as Dick Damage and the Dilemma in which Dick announced the “death” of Dick Damage – obviously planning to continue his musical career in another guise.

He gave the performance of his life that night, and of course something that good just can’t die:  Dick Damage did of course return to perform and record more great music,  and while I am incredibly sad that he is no longer with us, I know that his energy creativity and the wonderful way he treated people will continue to be a source of inspiration for so many of us who were lucky enough to know him. Thinking of you my friend.
Dave Extra  a.k.a  David Jones  

PS:   it just occurred to me that "oh boy you're a loser" was one of the tracks we laid down in the studio (as Dick Damage and the Dilemma).  The studio version was fantastic and  contained a "Day-o" chorus and a remarkable guitar performance. It would be a great tribute to Dick to get that version online - or as a Youtube video with pictures of Dick in action. Does anyone know where that great recording ended up? 

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Mail • Dec 2011 - Jan 2012 • Doc Martens

Paul Bowser | The Chefs | January 2012
Hi. First off, what a fantastic site. My wife and I watched a film called Brighton Rock last night, and I said that there were some fantastic bands in Brighton in the late 70s, which sent me to my music collection!   In the 70s, the UK was full of teenagers in their bedrooms late at night, fingers poised over the record button of the cassette radio for the next top tune by kids not much older than they were.  I was probably one of many like that. All courtesy of the great man, Mr Peel.
I bought the Vaultage LPs and anything by the Piranhas and the Chefs, usually from a record shop in York called Red Rhinos which was Indie Heaven. I've since converted the singles etc but still have long since sought some decent sound quality recordings of the 2 Peel sessions that the Chefs did, and (maybe) a session which may or may not exist of the Chefs conversion to Skat on something like the Kid Jensen show. Anyway, I'd be massively obliged if you can check your archives to see if you have any other songs from those sessions which you could supply as MP3s. I've just downloaded a couple from your jukebox which believe me was a joy - very many thanks for making these available. This gives me hope that the rest may be out there somwhere. I thought one song was especially good - Just A Word. Happy to pay for them as my copies now are muffled and afflicted by whirr and flutter on the old knackered casettes. Thanks for reading this far! Best wishes, Paul Bowser

Lee Benfell | Virgin to Angel | Dec 2011
Hi. Just thought you might be interested in a book I've just published. It's about some of the bands I was in including the Exclusives and consequently has a lot of nostalgic stuff about the Brighton scene (some of it fond and some not so).Might be of interest to your following...anyway, I'll let you decide. You can find it here or if you want any bits just let me know and I can email you. Keep rocking, Lee Benfell, Ex-Exclusive

Stephanie | Doc Martens | Dec 2011
Hey there, I came across you're wonderful website whilst researching for my dissertation which i'm writing on the subject of Dr Marten
boots. I am a third year Fashion History student at Brighton University, and I hope it's okay to post on your website that I am looking for people who live in or around Brighton and who wore Dr Martens in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s to take part in some interviews with myself, to help me with my research. My dissertation is basically an analysis of the meaning and subcultural style associated with Dr Martens and how that has changed over the
past half a century, and I need people who have worn them in the past to talk to me and share their feelings and stories about Dr Martens with me.

If you were a punk, a skinhead, or just liked wearing them I am very interested in talking to you!

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I really, really want my dissertation to be based on real people and how they feel about Dr Martens, so if you have a passion for Dr Martens and have worn them in the past, please please get in contact with me as soon as possible!

My contact details are as follows:
email me or telephone me 07892302443.
Please get in contact if you think you could be of any help or you just want to talk about Dr Martens with me, I need people like you to make my project work! If you're not sure and want more information on the project, please donot hesitate to email me and I can tell you whatever you want to know. Thanks again, Stephanie

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Mail • Nov - Dec 2011 - Dogma • Joe Cool • BWE • Pookie

Clive Buckland | Dogma | Dec 2011
Hi, A wild shot in the dark this one - does anyone remember the early 80s Brighton fanzine called Dogma, and does anyone still have copies?! I co-wrote it with my good friend John Thornton - him writing rather disturbing (at the time) pieces of reactionary social comment, and me covering all the music stuff. We ran for 4 issues before we were 'intimidated' into shutting down - I seem to remember obscenity being the charge from the policeman who arrived at our rented flat threatening to confiscate our printing equipment - which rather amusingly comprised solely of John's mum's ancient type-writer as we printed the mags at the Brighton Resource Centre on their old Gestetner machine (or was it a Roneo?). For those too young to remember, this comprised of a large, hand-cranked drum filled with ink on which one strapped special waxed sheets of paper. The wax surface, cut by the keystrokes of a typewriter, allowed the ink to bleed through in the right places and print onto each sheet of paper as it was picked up by the sticky drum and passed through the machine. Well in theory. It seems positively Dickensian now but cheap photocopying was still as few years away...

We interviewed some of the bands on the circuit at the time, such as Clare Grogan/Altered Images (who was sooo sweet and friendly) and Nick Cave/Birthday Party (who most certainly was not!). The Au Pairs and Manufactured Romance I remember too. We also interviewed many local bands including Carved to A Noise, who get a mention on your site. I then went on to join them playing bass -  but that, as they say, is another story. It would be fab to track down any surviving copies of Dogma - even photocopies would be great if people don't want to part with the real thing, as I'm mainly interested in reading what John and I wrote.Thanks, Clive Buckland.
Please email me

James Clay | Joe Cool | Nov 2011
PunkDaddy, I just saw Bob/Piranha's post on Facebook. Of course I have seen the great site before - but not noticed the jukebox! Anyway, as rightful heir to the throne of Joe Cool, I am lucky enough to have all the Joe Cool and the Killers music - I also have plenty of cuttings and great photos (somewhere - that's for another day). In the meantime, here are my favourite tracks from Joe Cool and the Killers' eponymous long player. Thanks for the great site. I remember the Alhambra at age 5/6 - I was always with the old man at weekends - and I even remember being in the wings for the Stranglers (and Jam?) supports at the centre. I feel like I spent my whole childhood asleep in the bass drum case in a dodgy VW van!

One other aside. My first ever gig was in a band with Jamie Barnard, son of Dave. We covered "Two Faced Two Timing Tart" by Laughing Gass - now that's a tune I would love to hear on the jukebox. "...asked her to dance... her boyfriend gave me an horrible glance. She's a two faced two timin' tart. I love her but she's breakin' my heart." Now that's poetry! And also all through the 90's my guitar case was also a Laughing Gass original mysteriously handed on to me via Souchart from the Killers. Anyway, it is sad that Jamie Barnard and my dad, John Clay, are no longer with us. But also special that the music still is. Thank you! Cheers, Jamie
For Joe Cool tracks also check out punkbrighton jukebox

Andy Godwin | Pookie | Nov 2011
Hi, just came across the site, great memories of those times. pleased to see you've used "my" youtube vids of Pookie, such a shame there isn't anything of better quality out there.  So much great fun in Brighton those days, so little kept on record. Keep the site going. Andy

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Daniel Rubinstein | BWE | Nov 2011
So sorry just yesterday to hear of Simons death...after BWE he was a stalwart drummer for our band Christians in Search of Filth (punk-funk anyone?) including appearing on our John Peel Session  broadcast August 1982..Simon was so approachable, easy-going and affable,but knew exactly the sounds and textures he wanted and the music he liked (ie the Simon Lewis Project, with his samba beat underpinning all-I still have the cassette) ...I hadn`t seen him now for some 15 years but knowing the guy he was, he will be much missed by those around him these days. 

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Mail • Sept - Oct 2011 - Willy the Spit • Piranhas • The Vault • the Lines

Dee Harriis | Willy the Spit | Oct 2011
Hey, this is a message for punkdaddy. Hopefully i'll be reaching the right person! In regards to a very good friend of mine, who has asked me to contact you. His name is Robert (Bob) Gritthis. You bumped into each other a few weeks back and reconised each other almost intsantly and you gave him youre details. Bob is the creater of Willy the Spit, and an amazing artist! Please reply if I have contacted the right person as Bob did not tell me your name? Hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Dee Harriis

Gary Baldwin | The Lines | Oct 2011
Hi, I was wondering if you could help me if you have a spare moment? Do you know if the Lines released the Peel session tracks recorded in 1980? Do you by any chance have any contact with the band (long shot I know).The Peel session production and sound was, for me, unique and enjoyed it much more than the vinyl releases. All the best,, Gazza

Gemma Neep | Piranhas | Sept 2011
Hello, I wonder if you could help me with some contact details? I'm currently working on a TV series and am wanting to speak to somebody about using the album cover of The Piranha's in the programme. Do you have a specific person who deals with this sort of thing? And if so, what is the best way to contact them? Many thanks for your help, Gemma Neep, Production Runner WALKING & TALKING

Daniel Falvey | Vault | Sept 2011
Hello, I am currently on a placement writing about the history of the voluntary organisation 'Impact'. This organisation used to be called PACT which was formed from the church that used to house 'The Vault'. In my history section I talk about the incredible punk scene that grew from this unlikely place. I was just wondering if you had access to any photos that I might be able to use in the book. I have noticed some great ones on your website and if it would be possible to use just one or two of these that would be fantastic. I look forward to your correspondence. Thanks for your time, Dan Daniel Falvey History Researcher, Impact Initiatives Tel: 01273 322949

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Seymour Slick | Request | Sept 2011
Hey there, i'm almost 100% sure you're not the man to ask but since you've been a Brighton punker for many a year thought i'd ask anyways...any ideas of rehearsal rooms that allow a couple of loud but terribly polite punky bluesy stoogesy sorts to be locked in of a night and attempt to write songs/tighten up for cheap cheap cheap prices? Everything i've seen either closes when we'd wanna start or is v. pricey! p.s. great site, i'm gonna have to expand my knowledge it seems! Stiv

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Mail • June - August 2011 - Willy the Spit • Piranhas • Damage • Chefs • Parrots CD

Victor Marsillo | Willy the Spit | Aug 2011
Phil, This is a huge help--thank you so much! I didn't think I would ever be able to find Bob's whereabouts. I do have a couple of simple questions for him, if you wouldn't mind asking him when next you see him.

I just purchased a comic book entitled, "The Loons of Willy the Spit." The artist credited is Leon Griffenda, so I'm assuming it's the same person. Can you ask him if he remembers this comic and, specifically by whom it was published and where? The last page mentions Cuba, but I can't imagine that being the case. I'm also curious to know if he's published any other, similar, comics.

I'm writing a reference guide to British underground comix, in case he wants to know the reason for my inquiry. Also, feel free to give him my contact info. Thanks so much, Victor Marsillo

Helen McCookerybook | June 2011
This evening, at 8.30 p.m-9 p.m.. I am streaming a live video music show from my kitchen table... register in advance with
I'll put the kettle on!

Kim Bowers | Chefs mp3's | July 2011
Thanks for the website. Here's a couple of tracks you didn't have. They're not brilliant quality as I copied them from 45s. Regards, Kim.

Dave Sharpe | Parrots CD | July 2011
Hi Phil , ordered a Parrots CD about a month ago (to go with my Dodgems i bought off you a while ago)  but no sign of it yet, how long does it take to process the order etc? On a better note i'm heading for Brighton start of August for some serious punk/new wave vinyl hunting, can you recommend any shops for me to visit?  All the best Dave Sharpe (a big Brighton punk fan!)

Jay Derrick | Parrots CD | July 2011
Thanks very much Phil, I’ve been having trouble accessing the Parrots email account – it sometimes won’t let you access two different accounts from the same computer for some reason. But it’s OK now and a CD and an apology is in the post to Dave today.
Have you heard the really bad news about Brenda, our singer?  She had a serious stroke and a brain aneurism around the beginning of April.  She’s in a bad way but has improved, and is in the rehabilitation ward of the neuro hospital near Haywards Heath. 

Nick and I went to see her and it was quite a shock.  It’s very tough on her, and she has a 15 year old daughter.  We just have to hope that she makes enough progress to get back to something approaching normality, but it’s very uncertain, and anyway may take ages.  She’s got people helping her out, taking her daughter up to see her, staying in the house etc.  But it’s all pretty grim…
Hope things are going well with you and yours , though, and hope to see you soon, maybe in September when I’m coming down for a University reunion, and staying with Nick again. If there’ a chance to meet up for a  drink I’ll let you know.
Thanks for passing on Dave’s email, sorry about that, but hopefully it will be OK now.  We sold one to someone in Poland!  But it’s only 3 so far!  Cheers mate, Jay

Dave Cheesybits | Dick Damage | June 2011
I'm appalled to here that Dick Damage is dead! he was absolutely a one-off. Speaking as an ex-Survivor (yes it's true) I'm sorry I didn't get to know him better. I don't even know what his real name is! Dave Cheesybits.
PS Hang on! I've forgotten what my real name is.

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 Chris Reid | Piranhas | June 2011
Hello I was wondering if The Piranhas are doing any more gigs around Brighton as I would like to see them and get my copy of Yap Yap Yap signed as me and my brother are featured on the cover posing  our bike's, I can remember the photo been taken on Hanover Street in Brighton where we lived across the road from Bob Grover and his mother. if you get any info on anything they might be doing please can you keep me informed. Kind regards Chris Reid.

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Mail • April - May 2011 - Cornets + Louder Animal Group

Blotto | Louder Animal Group | May 2011
Hi Phil. Certainly is sad news about Dick Damage. He was quite a character.

But my main reason for writing is to supply information about the Louder Animal Group. This rather self-consciously arty successor to Nicky and the Dots had Paul Clark on bass, rather than myself.

Thus “the metamorphosis of Nicky and the Dots into the Louder Animal Group” had nothing to do with Paul joining the Piranhas, although when he made that move it may have triggered the end of the Louder Animal Group.

The fourth member of the LAG was Nick’s brother Simon, who I think played keyboards and operated the drum machine. By the way, a late-period Nicky and the Dots song called Simon’s Jacket referred to Simon Dwyer.

I think it was written by Nick. Jay Derrick (hi Jay!) is also mistaken when he writes that Blotto "went off and joined the Chefs”. In fact I was never a Chef.

After declining to have anything to do with the LAG (I doubt if they wanted me anyway) I disappeared back to Burgess Hill for several months before getting involved with Nick Greenwood and Penny Heathcote. This led to the formation of the Corvettes. All the best, Blotto (Dave Williams)

Simon Woolven | The Cornets | April 2011
Hi, I have been trying to find out more about the Cornets, all I have are vague memories and a circular white handmade badge which was used as a stage badge by one of the band. I was asked at one time to manage Chaos and met them at the farm to collect a demo tape, any information or pictures would be more than welcome!

Paul Martin | Messthetics | May 20111
Hi Phil, Thanks for the link. I've got a good number of those Queenspark titles in the loft! Hope they get your book out soon. Yes, it's hard to imagine what we would have reacted like 30 years ago to our bands getting aired in the States, it seems wierd enough now! As you say, it's a very well packaged and presented set, a portable history exhibit as well! Cheers, Paul

Paul Martin | Messthetics | May 2011
Hi Phil. Great about the book, what's the publisher's website link? I'll keep
an eye on it as well! I got 4 x copies of Messthetics yesterday from the USA. Great booklet, lots about Lilelettes etc in it, so good profile. It's odd to think that there's an interest on our local scene of yesteryear in America. It's usually us interested in theirs. Isn't it strange to think our recordings are going to be on sale in American record stores and listened to in American homes! I wonder what we would have thought or said if we'd known that thirty odd years ago! Cheers, Paul

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Mail • March-April 2011 - Dick Damage + new punk compilation

Andy Baha | March 2011
It is with great sadness that I learn of the passing of Dick Damage. I never knew him back in the day, but I got to know him very well in the late 80's when I had a greengrocer's shop in Sutherland Road. His appearance could seem strange at first glance with his chains and badges, and he always looked like he was carrying the world around in an array of carrier bags. But he ambled into my shop one day and continued to do so, for a chat, on an almost daily basis for a couple of years.

When you got to know him he was polite and articulate and always had a view on the issues of the day. I next came across him when my then job took me to Newhaven Fort one day. Dick came to greet me and his dog bit me.

When I pointed this out he said ‘Yes, he/she does that sometimes’ in his laid back manner. My Mum lives at the bottom of Whitehawk Road and she’d see him quite regularly, until recently, still carrying the world in his carrier bags. RIP Dick.

Johnny Denis | March 2011
Hi just to say I'm sorry to hear that Dick has died. I knew him from playing in the Survivors and once met him on a bus a decade later. Best wishes to all his friends and family. Johnny Denis (ex DD & the Survivors, Blazing Innocence/The Cornets, Ed Shuffle and Chaos)

Gary Gilmore | March 2011
I've just gone on to your site for the first time, and to my shock found out about the passing of Dick Damage. My name is Gary Gilmore, i was around Brighton in the late 70s, with the growing punk crowd. I moved into a bedsit, only a few streets away from Dick when he lived off Springfield Road. I visited Dick many times, in his bedsit/room, and we would often share our love of music, and talk long into the morning. He was a kind and at times a shy person, and he was a great friend to me at the time. On stage at places like the Alhambra or the Basement, he would be full of the punk energy which made him what he was, a local cult figure. Thanks for the music and good times Dick, Gonna miss you. Gary

James Tranmer | March 2011
Hi there, i`m a long time follower of the site. Theres no other regional punk site like it! Fantastic job! I'm currently running a label and will be releasing a compilation LP of older + current DIY punk, and i`m trying to get some material together for it. Do you have a lot of stuff that gets sent in by more obscure, or offshoot bands? Or is everything up on the jukebox? Best, James.

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Paul Roach | March 2011
Knew Dick when he lived in Brighton. Interesting and very amusing bloke. He came back to my place in Hove once for a beer. Friend of a friend. Remember excellent song re 'picking nose', which I still hum occasionally. Saw him play The Alhambra - I believe. God, it's a long time ago. Great live act. Really sorry to hear of his passing. Paul Roach AKA Swergis

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Mail • January - February 2011 - Dick Damage, Simon Lewis R.I.P

Simon Woolven | 18 Feb 2011
I am shocked and truly saddened to hear that Dick has gone, he was such a nice guy, who sometimes had to contend with people crossing the road, because they didn’t like the look of him , which at times, I think hurt him even more. He was so gentle and funny, in fact a few of us occasionally walked him home at night, so that he could avoid the Hastings crew. He was Silly, Mad, Crazy, Funny, Over the top, but above all, he was a Nice and very talented Man. What stopped him exploding into the big time? Who knows, but it certainly wasn’t lack of talent! You will be missed by so many people!

Nick Byford | 18 Feb 2011
I’d be really grateful if you would post this. I never met Mary, but I would like to offer my condolences as until today, I had no idea Dick wasn’t well, let alone that he’d passed. I suppose that’s what happens when you move away and lose contact. Anyway, here’s my tuppence worth…I was shocked and stunned at the news that Dick had passed away. I would like to offer my condolences to his wife and family. Although I knew him from the days of the Richmond et al, we became better acquainted during the early to mid eighties. Sadly our lives went in different directions thereafter, but I will treasure those memories I have of him. As Paul Bonham has already said, he was a truly fantastic bloke, a friend to many - especially me. I will miss him.

Kim | 11 Feb 2011
Hi there. Have you heard the sad news that Dick Damage died recently of cancer? Only the same age as me & you (I'm guessing). Cheers, Kim - Deptford Bike Dolly - except you couldn't believe it when you met me a few years ago!

Rosie Barnard | 7 Feb 2011
I never knew Dick personally, but he was always a face in the crowd in punk scene days. Still it is another talented person gone too soon. My heart is with Dick's family, and friends, May he rest in peace. Thinking of you all, love and sympathy from Rosie Barnard.

Ian Smith | 6 Feb 2011
R.I.P. Simon Lewis, BWE original (and only human) drummer, who Rob Hayes in Thailand, via Ian Porter in Brighton, told us today had popped his clogs due to serious illness, which is a very bad shocker and deeply felt. A very funny obstinate and obtuse and utterly charming skin basher with camel lashes and a wry Chester take on everything. Best thing I can think of to salute him is the track Wonky Bonks on Youth in Asia, where he batters merry hell out of the skins in the closest number we ever got to a 'Killing Joke' stylee. Ta ta 'La'...pleasure playing and rehearsing with the musty rancour of a Hoogstraten basement ... happy days...

Paul Bonham | 4 Feb 2011
Very saddened by the news of Dick Damage.  I remember him as being a lovely bloke. He will be very much missed. Paul.

Jonnie Condom | 21 January 2011
In a time when everyone strived to be individual along came Dick Damage. To stand out in the Brighton crowd back then was difficult but he achieved it with ease. For me personally there are a couple of unique moments that always remind me of him; an old photo of the two of us on the seafront, before we were both in bands, where we are not the most bizarre thing in the picture - and Damage & Co supporting us on our first headline gig He will be sadly missed but not forgotten. Jonnie

Ian Smith | 19 Jan 2011
Lamenting the popping off of Mr. Damage, an inspiration and a pleasure to gig with. He helped bend all expectations of what was and wasn’t cool, doing things his own way, and his mere presence on the scene encouraged all of us more theatrical types to let rip too. (And he was really ****ing funny). Bye for now, Ian Smith (Birds with Ears)

Helen McCookerybook | 19 Jan 2011
Hi Phil. That's awful news about Dick. He was one of the great punk characters in Brighton,

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one of those performers you tried to go to see as often as possible because no two gigs were the same. I met a bass player of his once who told me their rehearsals consisted of Dick reading out the chords over the phone a couple of hours before the gig! He was also a lovely bloke, funny and good natured. What a shame. Hope all is well with you, although I know you will be missing him. Helen xx

Peter Bywaters !7 Jan 2011
Hi Phil, just found out (from your site) about Dick passing away. Any news re the funeral? Peter

Stuart Northage | 14 Jan 2011
Sadly and after a brave battle against cancer, Dick Damage passed away yesterday morning 13 January 2011

Kayleigh Maycock | 15 Jan 2011
Hello, would your website be able to post  an in-memorium to the late great Dick Damage who sadly passed away of cancer last Thursday.
I feel this would be helpful for the fans, as well as the young people he looked after the last few years of his life. Thank you, from Kayleigh and Adrian (both fans and young people he kept under his wing)

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Mail • December 2010 - Louder Animal Group

Jay Derrick | Louder Animal Group
Hi Phil, I was just looking at the Louder Animal Group page of the site.  You ask for more on the other members of the band, in particular who played bass and drums. The LAG single, Pip-pop, lists the personnel as: Metal finger by Wet Blanket, Ear-drums by Louis Cans, Bass-hum by Two Careers, Voice Guitar by Mr Kipling, and Hiss by Sound Scene Studios.  I don’t remember who played bass, maybe it was Blotto before he went off and joined the Chefs, but the answer to the drummer mystery is that they used a drum machine. 

I remember this well because it was a little controversial at the time.  Brighton Voice carried a story about the Dots splitting up and morphing into the Louder Animal Group, and noting that the Dots drummer Ken Hogg appeared to have been replaced by a machine, the Voice suggested that this might be a trade union issue!  This suggested the possibility of Musicians Union pickets outside LAG gigs!

The Voice interviewed the LAG, who were quoted as saying ‘The machine is much better, you don’t have to buy it drinks’.  Ken retorted saying that he bought all he drinks anyway!  The short life of LAG suggests that the new formula had problems too.  I’m not sure about the timing, but the metamorphosis of Nicky and the Dots into the Louder Animal Group might have been one of the effects of Paul Clark going off to become a Piranha.
Perhaps we need a sort of Pete Frame family tree of Brighton bands in the late 70s….  A key figure on such a diagram would be Paul Clark (Attrix, Nicky and the Dots, the Piranhas, and Pookiesnackenburger) – I don’t know if anyone else played in so many different outfits. All the best Phil, Jay

Dave C. Jewitt
Hello. Just wanted to say I love your Punk in Brighton blog...I'm listening to Airtight Garage right now. I have the Vaultage '78 and '79 albums - found them in The PDSA shop and Marie Curie shop respectively for a couple of quid each I think it was - not bad seeing as they're going for about £30 in "Wax Factor"!

You can probably guess by now I live in Brighton too, although I didn't move here (from Reading - good 70s punk scene there - K9s, General Accident, Ex-People) until 1989. I was very young in those days (born '65) but lucky enough to see a few burgeoning punk bands - plus my dad used to get tickets for Reading festival during those few years when punk dominated the lineup!

Actually I think I met you. It was in the PDSA charity shop off London Road (Oxford St) a couple of years ago. I think you wanted to get a copy of "Passion is a Fashion", the Joe Strummer/Clash biography, and you didn't have the cash on you, so I gave you a quid or so, and you thanked me and told me you ran this website. A guy from the blogs, Dave Sez he calls himself, recommends your site to people too. He's a cool guy, really into his music. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Just one other thing - there was a great band in Brighton in the 90's called Elephant, a 3 piece, who I thought were amazing. You probably know of them, at least I hope so, cos I was wondering if you knew what became of them and their record label, Mock Rock.(named, I would hazard a guess, after that famously crass comment Bob Harris made about the New York Dolls on Whistle Test). Anyway, cheers, Dave C. Jewitt.

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Matt Whistler's Merry Christmas 2010 Southover Street Brighton from Convict Films on Vimeo.

Geoff Ansell | Going nuts
Hi folks. I'm guessing some of you might have seen this already. Makes me cold just watching it. Geoff.

(Check out one of Geoff's old bands Eye to Eye)

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Mail • November 2010

Julie Blair | punkbrighton Alldayer
What a unique celebration of all that was brilliant about the Brighton music scene during the Attrix years. A massive thanks to Punkdaddy for a masterpiece of planning,hardwork and for giving us all a night to remember.Great to see everyone can still get it up, so to speak!! Julie Blair

David Sharman | Brighton and Hove Community Radio
Hi there, I am writing to say that I am going to be doing a show on Brighton and Hove Community Radio on Thursday 18th November 2010 at 6pm till 7pm and a section is going to be about Brighton Bands in the late 70s early 80s and will include Jonnie and the Lubes, The Dodgems, Venus in Furs, plus some recent bands like The Sound Asleep, Vibrasonic and others.  I will try and include Deadbeat Descendant and The Vinyls.  

As well as other bands that I like that aren't from Brighton, but some how I can weave them in. I see that you are writing a book about this scene, what I want to do is give some publicity to those that have passed and we were always considered to have been better than the credit that was given to them.  

I am struggling getting descent versions of 'Lord Lucan is missing' which was one of my favourites when I was at school and something that isn't so offensive by Joe Dash or Venus in Furs.

I was one of the long mac brigade which used to go to the Alhambra a lot.  I saw Chelsea there and I see that they are playing with Jonnie and Lobes and I was once in a band with Nick Goddard, small world. Still I hope that you can listen in and hear hundreds of mistakes that I

will make.  I don't have a regular show I am just stepping in for a friend. With thanks, David Sharman

Ade Marshall | The Ruts - The Snakemen
Dear Phil. Just want to say thanks for putting on the Alldayer at the Albert a few weeks ago, it was great to see some of the original Brighton punk bands, some of which I missed first time around.

I also notice that you list what gigs are coming up at the Albert. I am in a band (The Snakemen) that has done the occasional one-off tribute to that great band The Ruts, and as it is 30 years years since the death of lead singer Malcolm Owen, it is time do another one!

The gig is at The Prince Albert on Wednesday December 8th and I wonder if you could give it a special mention somewhere on site? I asked Will at the pub where else we could get some publicity for the gig and he suggested I contact you. If this is not possible, no worries and hopefully it will be in the listings at the bottom of your homepage. Hope to see you there. Thanks, Ade Marshall

Michael Coates | The Dandies
Hi Phil. Thanks for this. I must admit, listening to this stuff now (which I haven't done for some time!) I think it's quite impressive. We should have been famous! Yes, Zappa, Bowie, Roxy - not really punk, I suppose, but we were certainly swept along by the energy of the whole thing, and knew most of the Brighton punk bands pretty well. Here's another song (Magic Man) for your jukebox. I wonder how many people know about the jukebox and listen to it? It's a great site, by the way. Were you in a band back in the day? Michael

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Zoot Alors | punkbrighton Alldayer
Dear PunkDaddy. I was reading your PunkBrighton emails and saw in your June 2010 section the question about five mysterious white label Piranhas albums.  "But why five copies, surely he would only have needed one?" I don't know the answer, but I do remember that with one of the first Piranhas singles, probably an Attrix one, we were each given a white label copy to take home and listen to, and then approve or not. When we went to the meeting a week later to discuss it, it gradually became apparent that none of the five of us had a working record-player, so no-one had listened to it. We were very poor. Perhaps it was decided not to give us those test-pressings to avoid going through that again...

By the way, the Alldayer was a really great day. As soon as I stood on the stage I thought "Wait... I've never been sober on stage before!" So what with trying to re-learn how to play, re-learn the songs, and then do it twice... I maybe didn't get to give enough hugs and kisses.  But it was great: thanks for having that idea and making it happen in such a casual friendly way. Zoot Alors!

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Mail • Oct 2010 - punkbrighton Alldayer at the Albert

Ken Phelps
Hi Phil, I enjoyed seeing you and Mick on Sunday! Sorry I did not stay that long, but I had other people to see. I am so glad the day went well for you! If I aint said it before,you are doing a brilliant job of the site. So give me an e-mail soon. Lots of respect, Ken

Paul Bonham
Hi Phil (Punkdaddy) Well, that was just fantastic. I was only there for the evening and I had to make an early exit due to work and transport problems but it was just amazing. Congratulations and thanks for putting that together.  I really appreciate the effort that went into that and I enjoyed it so much (that's an understatment). I would have loved to have been there all day but it probably was a good thing I was not because I played the night before and was absolutly knackered (I'm getting on a bit).  I hope you post some pics on the site.

Was dissapointed to have missed the Lillettes and Helen. The Pirhanas were bloody great I thought and it was a joy to see them again sounding so great, I would love to see them again.  Bob was saying they are going to do some more gigs and if you hear of any that they are doing can you let me know if you think of it.A night that was brilliant, emotional seeing people I have not seen for a very long time.  The posters, the atmosphere, Thank you thank you thank you for making all this possible.You are a diamond. Regards, Paul.

Mick Perrin
What a pleasure Phil. And how proud I am of your dedication and commitment. This is your heritage and you should be well proud. Your son certainly was and it was a joy to see. I've been at at shows every night this week (all mine of course) and here in London tonight. But - can't remember having as much fun as performing again with you and Barb. A real joy and a moment to cherish. We did good!! See you soon for a post punk drink and general back patting session. Your very good friend and long time fan. Mick x

Peter Bywaters
Hi Phil, It was indeed a great day. I loved it and so did everyone else I have spoken to. Can't wait to see some of the pictures. Thanks for letting us take part. See you at the Chelsea or UK Subs gigs later this month ? Take care, Peter

Alex Byford
It was a cracking day – well done, I fully enjoyed it!!! I just wish I could’ve stayed around for longer during the day…Can I have the A3 of the Lillettes poster that I drew all those many moons ago? Alex

Jon Betteridge
Hi Phil. Just wanted to say well done on the alldayer - there were a lot of happy people there, punters & bands and it all went very smoothly.  Also a big thanks from the Lubes for having us there. Catch up on the blower during the week. Cheers, Jonnie

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Mail • Oct 2010 - Alldayer at the Albert ...more

Brenda Robinson
Just wanted to thank you millions for yesterday Phil - you pulled an absolute blinder! The exhibition was fantastic - really well done and fabulous to look at. It brought back loads of memories for me, as I'm sure it did for everyone else. The poster of Nick Wells looking about 12 was a particular highlight.

You had obviously put so much hard work into the organisation, and the fact that everything went so smoothly was down to you. Amazing. Hope the evening went well - I had to leave after our gig to take my daughter home. She really wants that Vol Sec poster of me to put in her bedroom. Let me know how I can pick it up. You must be feeling very proud this morning. All the very best.

Bob Machin
Hey Phil, just a quick note to say thanks for organising what turned out to be a great day (at least, as long as I lasted  - I had to shoot off around 8 so I hope the evening was as good as the afternoon). Everyone I know who came down had a great time and I'm sure all the bands did too. I imagine you're completely shattered.  Would love a copy - some copies? - of the Airtights posters, so let me know what I would have to do. We already have a few vids and photos ready for posting on the site - will be in touch shortly with them. All the best, Bob, Airtight Garage

Sam Blair
Hi Phil. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for putting on such an astonishing day of music and history. I felt so lucky to be a part of it and can't imagine the stress that must have gone into making it happen! It was the best gig I've ever done, and really made me appreciate what an impact mum and dad had on the Brighton music scene. Thanks again, and hopefully see you soon, Sam

Jay Derrick
Hi Phil – it was absolutely the dog’s bollocks!  In a good way you understand! Well done for a terrific job, hard work, diplomacy, management, etc  Sorry I don’t think I had a chance to say goodbye properly!  It was a wonderful day – I’m really sorry we couldn’t stay for the evening, if it was half as good as the afternoon, it was jumping!
Thanks so much for asking us to do it – we had a ball and Sam is a real discovery, a real star!  Did you notice him improvising little licks, just like Rick used to – he didn’t do those in the rehearsals.  It would have been much less successful without him.  And thanks too for the money, very welcome but completely unexpected.  It will help with expenses, particularly for Chris our drummer, who did a great job, and is only a student and had to come from Guildford.
The posters were absolutely brilliant, both the reprinted ones and the beautiful colour ones.  Did Nick Wells ask you for the one of him that was on the stairs?  If not, and it’s still available, could I get it and I’ll give it to him as a present.  I know Bridget bought the one of me – did anyone ask you for the Devil’s Dykes one, that she’s in?  I’d like that one too if possible.  I’m assuming you’re willing to sell them, but if not fine. I should think there’s a business opportunity there ....
Finally for now, it seems everyone in the new band wants to do another gig!  There seems to be a possibility of doing a benefit for cancer research up here in London organised by some musician friends who came with me on Sunday and were really blown away!  But if any opportunities come up to play in Brighton we’d love to hear about would be crazy not to play again after all our rehearsals! Thanks again for everything Phil, but you deserve a rest now!  Put your feet up, have a beer and put on Peter and the Test Tube Babies!  Take care, see you soon, Jay

Nick Greenwood
Hi Phil. Thank you for a brilliant day! At last I could be in a Brighton band that someone had heard of! Top venue and great organisation, posters up, DJ playing Attrix tunes etc. When Jay asked if I wanted to be in the Parrots for the gig I jumped at the chance. It seemed only right to step in as a Greenwood to honour Russ (and of course Rick). Sorry I didn't get to meet you, I had to rush off as I was on at The Komedia for Lorraine Bowen's latest cd launch, the wife and I were reprising our roles from 10 years ago as backing dancers. Very camp and very funny. So a great day in all. Got back to London by 2am.

I was in a few Brighton bands at the time but I was crap so never got far - I was in The Trousers with Paul and Rob later of the Idrenes, briefly with Dave Blotto Williams and Robin Banks in The Corvettes before I/they realised guitar was not my insrument but bass was! I was then with Dick Damage briefly as Nick Dick Rick Paul Paul & Kev, in Dubmarine with Paul & Rob, then in a 60's Link Wray, Gerry Anderson, Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey covers band, and in all, a few gigs amongst others that I can't remember at The Alhambra, Brighton Art College basement, The Kensington and whatever that Teds Wednesday night pub was by St Peters Church. Meanwhile Russ had left for London with the Chefs, and I followed him a year or two later (it's all so vague). I was in some bands with Russ in London in the 80s and 90s, most notably with John Hegley and the Popticians, and we still do occasional gigs - had one last month at The Barbican. 

If you have any Chefs or Parrots posters (with Russ on) that you mentioned I'd be interested Looking forward to seeing the photos and vids on the Alldayer page.Now you know it works, let's do it all again! Cheers, Nick.

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Mail • Sept 2010 - Piranhas • BWE • Public House Bookshop

Mark Gresty | punkbrighton alldayer | Sept
Would like to come and participate in yuor event but as I have just started a new semester here in Oman I can't do it. I wish you every success in your day and thank you for the service you have been performing with such dedication and flair. Have a great day and get blind! Please say hello to anyo0ne who knows me.

Charlie Zuber | Public House Bookshop | Sept
Charlie Zuber from the Dodgems here....wish I was in Brighton again for the BIG DAY. but for now, briefly, a message for John Shire. I was in the basement of Public House bookshop with Richard Cupidi and friends one evening when a crude incendiary device - a firebomb? - was shoved through the letter box. It landed next to our son, Joseph who was lying asleep in his cot. Scary, and it made the Evening Argus the next day. In this case all smoke and no fire. Richard will remember the year, maybe.1976-7?

Paul Scott | Piranhas | Sept
Hi. I have fond memories of seeing the Piranhas at the Cavalier Inn in eastbourne, late seventies or 80's. The placed was absolutely packed with even more people outside trying to listen in. One song, virginity, I remember singing on the way home with glee, the night after I lost my cherry at the Eastbourne Grand Hotel (. Funnily enough Tom Hark is my least favourite song but it is nice to think they live on, albeit in football grounds. I remember the crash, though my hazy memory had the sax player, Zoot, too injured to continue. Was that so? Yours, Paul Scott

John Shire| Public House Bookshop | Sept
Hi Punkdaddy, congratulations on a fine website! I’m writing a history of Brighton bookshops (and it’s taking me a million years) and, after conversations with Richard Cupidi of Public House and Bill Smith of Latest, I’ve realised that I need to do some research on the far-left/far-right confrontations of the late 70s/early 80s. Public House was attacked several times and there was general intimidation to be had all over Brighton.

I was just wondering if you or any of your contacts had any memories/comments aboutthe times or if you could point me in the direction of memoirs, online or otherwise. Obviously I’m particularly looking for stuff relevant to bookshops (Odd Volume, Brookes, Public House, Solstice etc) but anything would be good. I’m trying to find someone who has access to a complete run of the Brighton Voice mag as I’d imagine a lot of stuff was mentioned and recorded there. Also I’ve heard rumours about John Tindall of the NF/BNP and the Heidelberg Hotel in Rock Gardens etc. Actually, considering the march of Fat Morons last weekend, this little investigation is getting quite unpleasant. But still… Anyway, I’d be glad of any suggestions or contacts. Many thanks for your time. John Shire 07954606133

Jake Vatanis | Birds With Ears | August
Hi, have been reading through your archives and it's interesting to see what a great music scene Brighton had in the late 70's. I recall going to heckle at Birds With Ears for some daft

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reason and getting short shrift from ian Smith. What a character! They certainly don't make them like they used to.

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Mail • July 2010 - Vaultage 78, Smartees, Smash Hits

Scott | Vaultage 78 | July
Just thought you might be interested in this, on my blog. Best wishes, Scott

Matt Stevens | Smartees | July
Good to see your page on the Smartees, they were a good fun band. Tracey was a good singer, she played in several Brighton groups - the Techniques, Molesters and sang once or twice with Dick Damage's bands I think.

Brian McCloskey | Smash Hits | July
I stumbled across your site whilst looking for information on the Piranhas; I remember them from Tom Hark.  I have been scanning my collection of Smash Hits magazines (1978-1985) to create an online archive - and there's a feature on the Piranhas in an upcoming issue from late summer, 1980.  You'll be able to see it here. Maybe your readers would be interested in the archive. All the best, Brian

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Mail • June 2010 - Piranhas' Attrix LP & Attrix Discography

Stuart Jones | Piranhas LP | 24 June
Recent emails to the punksite from Dave Van Walwyk concerning an enigmatic gap in the Attrix Records back catalogue initially posed a bit of a puzzler for punkdaddy and Dave himself.
Dave had bought five pristine white label vinyl LP's housed in two 12" cardboard mailers from a record fair. They all bore the catalogue number RB LP 09 and had the name of the UK record pressing plant Orlake printed on the cardboard envelopes. They were addressed to Nick Godwin and postmarked 30/4/80 and 15/5/80.
Dave eventually discovered that these were white label test pressings of the 1980 Attrix album by the Piranhas, (then unreleased), long since reissued on CD by Cherry Red/Anagram Records. This is still a bit of a mystery because as one of the Attrix team I can confirm that Rick Blair ordered just three white labels of the LP from Orlake which had been recorded at Pebble Beach in Worthing earlier that year.
Rick held on to two of these whilst the third was for Piranhas' manager Tony Byford. Before the first batch of 5000 pressings could go ahead Tony had been contacted by music mogul Pete Waterman and a new deal with Sire-Hansa -Ariola was proposed and accepted, ensuring our original, low-budget Attrix recordings would be permanently shelved and a new, big budget re-recording of the tracks hastily arranged.

As we all know, 'Tom Hark' became a novelty summer hit single, the glossy re-recorded album failed to sell and the original line-up of the group disbanded the following year. So what happened to the remaining two white labels from Orlake?

Rick gave a copy each to my twin brother Shaun and myself, as a thank you for the work and support we had put in to help Rick and Julie Blair make Attrix what it was. I can confirm that Shaun later sold or gave his copy to a good friend Colin Taylor, in the mid-eighties.

What Tony Byford did with his copy isn't known, perhaps he still has it. I still have mine, it's in a box up in my attic. (I stupidly put a coloured Piranhas sticker on the white labels). As far as any of us were concerned. that was the end of the story - three copies, accounted for. Now we have this interesting news from Dave Van Walwyk - the existence of a further five white label copies. Why were these pressed?
Nick Godwin had been the producer for those Pebble Beach sessions in March 1980. The two Orlake packages are addressed to him. It doesn't take Hercule Poirot to figure out that Mr. Godwin must have personally ordered some extra copies from the pressing plant. But why five copies, surely he would only have needed one?
Perhaps Tony Byford had asked him to get them as gifts for each member of the band...conjecture, I know, but nonetheless interesting. If the Piranhas had gone on to have massive hit singles or one or more of the group transformed into million-selling solo artists, Dave would have five incredibly valuable rarities on his hands. However, since these things didn't happen, these five white labels are an intriguing addition to Brighton's punk legacy.

Dave Van Walwick | Piranhas LP | 23 June
Hi Phil, I think I may have the answer. I went and bought a new stylus (something I have been meaning to do for ages) and played one of the records. It is the Piranhas first LP that was obviously meant to be released on Attrix but eventually came out on Sire with different tracks. The tracks on mine are:
Side 1: 1.Boyfriend 2. Love Game 3. Green Don’t Suit Me 4. Fiddling While Babylon Burns 5. Coffee 6. Something
Side 2: 1. Tension 2. Pleasure 3. Solo Sex For Two 4. Getting Beaten Up 5. Saxaphone 6. Final Straw These form the first twelve tracks on the CD The Attrix Collection released by Anagram Records in 1997/98 (I put it had 11 tracks but obviously mis-counted) Sorry to have

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bothered you when I could have found the answer myself. At least you can add it to your Attrix discography as unreleased. Best wishes.

Dave Van Walwick | Attrix Discography | 21 June
Hi. Sorry to bother you but I have a query about the Attrix discography. Some while ago I purchased some white label LP's from a record fair. Having eventually gotten around to doing some internet research, it appears that I have 5 copies of an Attrix LP cat. no. RB LP 09. Having checked your great website I can't find it listed in the discography. Do you know what it is and if it was ever issued? I thought at first it might be Vaultage 79 but it has 11 tracks. The LPs are housed in 2 mailers from the record manufacturers Orlake and are addressed to Nick Godwin (record producer). The postmarks are 30/4/80 and 15/5/80. Here's hoping I have some really rare vinyl and that you can inform me of the same.Thanks for taking the time to read this. Best Wishes.

Chris Murray | Site Rebuild | 20 June
Hi punkdaddio, I keep in touch with your site on a regular basis and must say you've done a cracking job on the rebuild. I think you should be in line for another Web Award, not only for depth of content but for the great presentation too. All the very best mate!

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Mail • June 2010 - UK Subs, Dodos, Emma Sharpe, Relatives

Mark Chadderton | UK Subs | June
Hi mate. Love your Brighton punk website, very well done on the look, layout and content. I do a UK Subs archive website:
Nicky Garratt has let me publish lots from his archives including some pics from the Buccaneer gig in Nov 77: click here
I'm sure you know that this gig was filmed by Southern TV for a news report called 'Southern Report - Punk Rock'. According to Alex Ogg's history of the Subs in his No More Heroes book, that programme  was broadcast in January 1978... I would love to get hold of a copy and thought I'd ask you if anyone in your local contacts maybe has it? Or has any other info about it? Out of interest for your site also might be some pictures of Charlie Harper on Brighton beach, and around Brighton in the 1960s which are on my site. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Mark Chadderton, Swanage, Dorset

Gregory Carlin | Dodo's | June
Dear Sir. Labor of love. I adored the DO DO poster.  Can you tell me more about it?
(see panel on right)

Alan Hall | Emma Sharpe | June
Hi Phil, love  our new page! but I no longer seem to be in the band line-up: Alan Hall, guitar/songwritter. Saw the Stones mobile recording studio in the Exile on Mainstreet tv documentary recently, which we were fortunate to use circa 1980. Regards, Alan Hall

Mark Gresty | Relatives | June
Phil. Thanks for sending this site. I just had a chance to look at it. Very nice. I noticed that my phone number on the bottom of my piece is wrong so if you would lilke to amend it in case anyone wants to risk the horrendous phone changes to call me here, my new one is 00-968-99877544. Thanks, Mark

Darris Golinski | June
Hi Phil. Thanks ever so much for that. It looks splendid, as does the revamped PunkBrighton site. I toyed for a while with the thought that 'Definitely Golinski Brothers Last Ever Live Gig' might have crowd pulling potential, but then thought that, once the audience were told why it was the last, it might put a slight pall on things. Might draw a good 'Goth' following though. I am cheered by recalling that injury to Elvis's throat in 'Jailhouse Rock' threatens to bring an end to his singing career, but he pulls through in the end. In my case, however, I feel it is more likely to be 'Doctor, will I be able to sing after the operation?' 'Yes, son, yes you will'. 'That's good doctor, because I fucking couldn't before'. A bientot. Darris Golinski

Simon Woolven | June
Why in this electronic day and age, are venues not recording gigs on a regular basis? It would only take a small agreement between band and venue to strike up a deal. I know that there would perhaps be copyright issues for some artists, but there should be some way of making it work. That would also cater for the antisocial gits who don`t want to go along to a gig, but would love to be a part of things in their own way. It may even help to raise funds for future events, us cocoa and slipper brigade are still Punks in our own minds, but some of us don`t have the energy to get out of our chairs. So how about it, there must be someone out there that can either talk to the local venues about it, or better still, offer this service to the groups!  Nuff said!

Jim Derrickson | New Look | June
Hi Punkdaddy. Site looking better than ever! You've done a grand job. Some great photos and lots of memories come flooding back from those crazy days. Keep the faith and more power to you.

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For Alan of Emma Sharpe & the Features
I've added your name now!

For Gregory Carlin
Rick Blair , frontman for the band Attrix and boss of Attrix Records, used to fortify himself with a supply of dodos during the production process and making of the first Attrix album, Vaultage 78. To read more visit the Archive March 2004

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Mail • from Darris Golinski - May 2010

Darris Golinski |
Spanish Economy 1 Golinski Brothers 0 | May
Hi Punkdaddy. Writing to say thanks to everyone for the really great responses we got following our Resurrection gig at the Prince Albert last September. We were hoping to do another one this September to commemorate 10 years of your fantastic organ, but the international financial meltdown has hit our spitfire and sent us plummeting earthwards.

Will Gibbs, our tenor sax player, lives in Madrid (which is apparently in Spain, as many of you will probably already know - mind you they say the Alhambra is in Spain too and I KNOW that is not true - Bob Grover could never have found his way home from Spain on a Friday night!). Will does music events for a living in Spain, but because the arse has fallen out of the Spanish economy, he has had to relocate to Dubai and will not be available to do gigs with Golinski Brothers until things pick up. Really sorry about that. We were really looking forward to another Second Coming (fnar-fnar). A clip from the gig is available on Youtube in the panel opposite.

(or search for Golinski Resurrection Prince Albert Brighton on Youtube). The DVD has been professionally produced by Jane Drinkwater, a lifelong fan and wife of lead guitar Bob Golinski. We hope to put a longer clip on our website and to make the whole gig available on DVD later in the year.

When Will has found his footing we will be doing another gig and this time it will be viagra by the mouthful as we aim to put the erection back in Resurrection! In the meantime, with the marvels of modern recording, we will be concentrating on recording some of our favourite numbers that currently exist only in our heads or on live recordings (where we never get it right). We will record most of it in Hackney and then send it electronically to Dubai/Madrid for Will to put his part on.

As the year rolls out we hope to make stuff available on our website - Prince Albert DVD, recorded tracks, recommended gig guide for the discerning fan of live music, t-shirts, false teeth with our logo, Freedom Pass wallets etc 

In the December Punkbrighton e-mails I see someone called Josie Williams was looking for recollections of the 70s/80s music scene in Brighton for a project she is working on. I come down to Brighton from time to time and would be happy to offer any assistance I can. Similarly 'John' in the March e-mails was looking for King Kurt stuff for a book he is writing(?) - I see King Kurt lead guitarist John Reddington (and driving force behind King Kurt) from time to time and would be happy to put them in touch with each other - email me on
May the forks be with you. darris golinski

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Thanks to Darris for Youtube video

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Mail • May - April 2010

Rob Hamer | Mods v Rockers | May
Hi there, my uncle was involved in a mods v rockers fight  in Brighton approx 1979 that managed to make the headlines of the Sunday Observer, I have been trying to trace a copy of the article/photo with out much luck, if you know where I could find such article it would be much appreciated.

Simon Woolven | Umptys Balcony | April
I asked about you, unless someone else did as well, Yes I think that was the concert you played for us, although we had tussles with two bands that night over excessive charges for petrol  etc. If I remember right you brought TWO vans down all the way from Guildford with you, one with the band and instruments in, and one filled with groupies, who also got in for free as well. Those were the days, I think also that was the night that No Exit blagged a guest spot, then refused to get off of the stage, oh no I have just checked and they were billed that night, it must have been the time before, it was the little things like that which made the memories even better. Are you still in touch with any others in the band? Perhaps they can add more detail. I will send a copy of the poster in to punkdaddy.
P.S.  I have finally got the new computer sorted and am getting used to how it works (I hate Vista) so I will have quite a few new bits to send in a few weeks.

Dave Mikhail | Umptys Balcony | April
Hi there, Someone was looking for info on Umptys Balcony. I was in the band '78/'79. There was myself Dave on bass, Mark drums, Dylan guitar and Angie vocals. We were Guildford-based and I seem to remember doing a gig in Brighton sometime in early '79. I also

seem to remember we had to get quite 'persuasive' with the manager of the club/bar to get our money. The last gig I played with them was at the Stonehenge Festival in June '79 and I don't know what happened to the band after that. Great times, great band. Good, fast, tight post-punk kind of thing. As for song titles, the only one I remember is, 'I won't be your hunchback no more'. Hope this is of some use to someone. Cheers, Dave Mikhail

Scott Muir | Dog End Disco | April
Hi punkdaddy. If you want to check out what's currently happening in Brighton and Hove in the punk rock scene then check out Dog End Disco. Dog End Disco with The Park and Fractured in support play The Prince Albert, Brighton, Saturday 24th April. Entry 4 pounds. Cheers, Scott

Walter George | Nicky & the Dots | April
We didn't want to watch Secret Affair down the front, on a Scunthorpe Road Rat scooter rally to Brighton we thought we would explore what Brighton had to offer and was very entertained by a great band in a small but perfect place round about May 1979...came away with a white badge with the words Nicky and the Dots...and to this day I still remember it as a great night!  Good luck in all you do. Best wishes from Walter. (See photo, right)

Tom Hubball | The Same | April
Hi. In the early 80's I named my scooter after Wild About You after the 7" by The I've finally got an MP3 of it. Brilliant. Thanks very much for setting up the site and making all the tracks available. Tom Hubball

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Thanks to Walter George for photo

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Mail • March - January 2010

John | King Kurt | March
Hi, I am writing a book on King Kurt and wondered if you could give me any info on the band, or put me in touch with anyone from the band. Cheers, John

Jim Miller | Ammonites | | March
When are you next playing?
Jim Miller BEng (Hons)

Robin White | Mark Gresty | March
Hey - I just ran across your site while doing a search for my old friend Mark Gresty. It was cool to see. I was just a fan but it was a great time to be in Brighton. Didn't really think of it as punk though but that's another discussion. If there's any chance you could put me in touch with Mark that would be great. Thanks! Robin White

Dave Cheesybit | Smeggy | March
Can I just say to Patrick Bierman that he's quite a man (and obviously insane) to admit that SATCB were his favourite group. There was a time when saying that would be grounds for instant committal. The song you are trying to recall was Baby Don't Bogie With Me and it is available for download at my site and possibly here (but I'm not sure where). Dave Cheesybit
punkdaddy writes: Er, Dave, it's on the punkbrighton jukebox

Patrick Bierman | Smeggy | February
Nice website, musically Brighton had a lot going for it in those days. My favourite group was Smeggy & the Cheesybits. They did a song called Bogie. Pisstakers or what? Keep the faith, Patrick B

Shelley Guild | SICK fanzine No. 2 | February
Loved your Sick fanzine download especially the old Buzzcocks review! Cheers, Shelley Guild

Jay Derrick | Russ Greenwood | February
Hi everyone, I just spoke to Nick Greenwood, the brother of Russ who used to play in the Parrots and the Chefs before he died in 1999.  Both of them were born and brought up in Burgess Hill.  I don’t think Nick played in any Brighton bands, but he was around occasionally in those days.  I didn’t get to know him properly until he sent an email to the punkbrighton site with the news that Russ had died.  He lives near me in North London, so I got in touch.  Nick’s been playing bass on the London pub and club scene for years, for a long time with John Hegley and the Popticians (Russ also played with them in the 90s).  He’s now playing with an interesting band led by Ian King: click here   They are playing the Prince Albert on Feb 15th, and I thought you might like to interview him for the website Phil, not least about Russ.  There’s a video on Ian King’s myspace page and you can see how like Russ Nick is! I’m thinking I might come down for it too...Any more news of Golinski gigs in London

Darris?  Thanks for the info on John Crampton’s gigs Lots of love to everyone. Jay

Eve | Ammonites | February
Went to see the Ammonites at the Portlandsome time ago, they were marvelous. Can you tell me if they have any plans to do any more shows in Brighton, or is that it - a one-off? I love this band. Peace, Eve

Darris Golinski | John Crampton | January
Went to see John at the Green Note, Camden last Saturday. Absolutely fucking blistering set. Do yourselves a favour and get along and see him if you get the chance. D 

Jem | Golinkski Brothers Reunion | January
Hi Darris and friends. So we have to wait a while longer for the second Golinski Reunion?  Unless you do an ELO on us and form Goliinski Brothers Part II. Asbo Derek are, indeed, playing on Saturday 20th March at The Duke of Wellington in Shoreham by Sea.  It's located by the sea in Shoreham. You correctly acknowledge that we are twats. Here's a link to the pub and to our myspace, in case you are inclined to assemble an entourage. Having said that, Asbo Derek are hopefully also playing at the Albert in Brighton - location of the Resurrection - around the same date.  Watch our myspace for details.  The beer's excellent at the Shoreham joint, though. I'd recommend it.  But then I am a twat. As for joining you at some additional event or other, Darris... we may well contact you separately. Merry 2010. Jem

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Mail • from January 2010

Dominic | SICK fanzine No.1 | January
Hi Phil. Thanks for getting back. Yes, I was totally flabbergasted! So much so, that I looked up Sickly (Marcus) on the web – now a Doctor and research scientist – and sent him the link! I haven't seen or heard of him since about '79! You did a fine clean up job. Can't wait til issue 2! I remember we put the Running Saws on the cover (from Dalston London, and a contact I'd made through Albatross records in Kensington High St., where SICK sat alongside 48 Thrills etc.!). I used to bunk off there during my Saturday London music college! SICK # 2 I think was considered rather a racy cover – featuring Joe Lung's lady friend w. whip. Joe ran Albatross (of Art Attacks fame), used to DJ at the Marquee and was a prototype hippy. I suspect he hasn't survived into the present decade. Keep in touch. Cheers, Dominic

Darris Golinski | John Crampton | January
Went to see John at the Green Note, Camden

last Saturday. Absolutely fucking blistering set. Do yourselves a favour and get along and see him if you get the chance. D 

Dominic | SICK fanzine No.1 | January
Hi there. Just discovered my teenage fanzine SICK featured as a PDF on your Punk Brighton site. Blimey – that's a blast from the past!!
Did it at my friend Biff's house, with nerdy chum, and Rotten lookalike, Sickly – he was a year or two older – aka Marcus (NB – Sickly, not Sicky!) I assume you have issue 2? (far superior!)

Used to sell them at Albatross Records in Kensington Market. They are all my teenage drawings (age 15!) We used to travel over to Brighton to see the Piranhas as 15 year olds . Liked their sense of humour! Came across the site as a Link from Russ Bestley's Hitsville UK. He's head of the Post-grad programme where I work in London.
Cheers, Dominic aka Dan Druff

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