Ammonites reform for Brighton gig Jan 30th 2009

Ammonites Rehearsal 15 tracks | Evening Argus article | Ammonites reunite at the Portland | Ammonites mp3's can be found on the punkbrighton jukebox

Colin Smith • bass
Stefan Tylunas • vocals
Nick Stewart • guitar
Steve Kelly • sax
Mike Roberts • guitar
Dave Doleval • drums

Mark Lane sent us this:
A fab pop/ska outfit who first appeared on the Attrix Vaultage 80 LP with the track "Blue Lagoon" at which time the line-up consisted of: Colin Smith (bass), Stefan Tylunas (vox), Nick Stewart (guitar), Steve Kelly (sax), Mike Roberts (guitar), and Dave Doleval (drums).

In 1981 they also had a double A-side 7" issued: "Big Eaters" b/w "Dressed To Kill" on RED RAT (#RRR 402) by which time they also had a new drummer, Chris Pristley. 
Cheers, Mark

Stefan Tylunas | December 2008
Hi punkdaddy, Happy Xmas and a Prosperous New Year from the Ammonites. Big thanks for the hard work and dedication in putting this site together. It's because of you, that we have something to look forward to in the new year other than financial hardship, recession and redundancy.

The Ammonites are getting back together again!!! Yes, Messrs Roberts, Kelly, Stuart and I have been in talks and shall be performing again at the Portland Hotel and  Rock Bar. on Friday 30th Jan '09.

It's  recession proof at the door, entrance is 50p or less!!! Shake off your Xmas excess's and January's jitters and shake a leg or two, to Brighton's Finest Fastest Tastiest Timeless Ska Punk (skunk?) Band.

What would be even better, would be a support act to complete the evening, anybody willing to get together again? Go on, go on, go on, why don't cha. Drop us an e-mail if any takers on Thanks again punkdaddy, Stefan Tylunas.

Article on The Ammonites from Bright Times magazine 1980 (downloadable pdf) written by Sue Backhouse, here's her email:

Sue Backhouse | January 2009
Hi there. It was great to find your website, especially to read about the Ammonites. I was a great fan - I wrote the article in Bright Times you have on your website - not credited, so I can't prove it! Thanks and keep up the good work. Sue Backhouse

Article from the Evening Argus circa 1980
Download or preview the pdf here

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Ammonites rehearsal - 15 tracks - loading...

These 15 tracks were recorded from a rehearsal but if you dig the band you'll dig their 'live' tunes.

• Ammonites mp3's can be found on the jukebox

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Friday 30th January 2009 • Portland Rock Bar
Portland Road, Hove

What a night, what a band, what a belter! Reformed for the evening after a 30 year lay off, the Ammonites took the Portland by storm and man, the joint was jumpin'. It was great to see lots of old faces, survivors!

The atmosphere was good before the band even took to the stage. Once up there they ripped through their bouncy repertoire of ska, bluebeat and reggae like they'd never been away. This is one tight outfit. There was a nice meshing of the two guitars, punctuated by some fine sax playing while Thesius on drums and Mike on bass pumped it up and drove the rhythm, Stefan was free to sing his heart out. The crowd lapped it up, it was a great all-round performance.

I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping this incarnation of the band will stay together and do some more gigs like this one. They deserve to be heard. Rather than me waffle on with gushing praise, take a look for yourself at the snaps opposite.

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