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Brighton & Hove Gazette August 12 1977:
"Local group Joe Cool & the Killers formed three months ago. But 25 year old singer Joe Cool says it's only the music that interests him.

"I am not into safety pins because I think it is just a fad" he said "I am interested in high-energy, total aggression music, and the new wave has brought that back. It's a return to the spirit of rock 'n roll - the idea that you can get up without a lot of musical training and knock hell out of a guitar."

Joe Cool and the Killers have already won a recording contract. John, who works as a shop

assistant in Brighton and lives in Montpelier Terrace, took the four-man band along to an audition (at the Top Rank Suite) arranged by another Brighton man, Mr David Courtney, who owns a production company in partnership with Tony Meehan, formerly of the Shadows pop group.

Mr Courtney spotted Leo Sayer at a similar audition in Brighton four years ago and helped launch him to stardom. Now he has picked Joe Cool & the Killers. John says punk rock is beginning to get a big following in the Brighton area. Halls are packed out when the Stranglers come down.

And there are more and more venues for the music. The Alhambra pub in King's Road has started to show punk rock, and the Buccaneer in Marine Parade features punk rock on

n Marine Parade features punk rock on Monday nights. Concerts are also put on at the Community Resource Centre in North Road, and the Art College, Grand Parade, during term.

John hopes that when the new wave really breaks, there will be no rivalry between the old and the new rock 'n rollers, the Teds and the punks. "We ought to be on the same side" he said "The Teds have got a great music thing of their own.

I still like early Presley and I like the way they have kept their clothes - they are showing everybody what they believe."
John has already seen several violent clashes at a punk concert in Brighton, but he says they were caused by football fans."

James Clay, heir to the throne of the late Joe Cool - December 2011

Punkdaddy, I just saw Bob/Piranha's post on Facebook. Of course I have seen the great site before - but not noticed the jukebox!

Anyway, as rightful heir to the throne of Joe Cool, I am lucky enough to have all the Joe Cool and the Killers music - I also have plenty of cuttings and great photos (somewhere - that's for another day). In the meantime, here are my favourite tracks from Joe Cool and the Killers' eponymous long player.

Thanks for the great site. I remember the

Alhambra at age 5/6 - I was always with the old man at weekends - and I even remember being in the wings for the Stranglers (and Jam?) supports at the centre. I feel like I spent my whole childhood asleep in the bass drum case in a dodgy VW van!

One other aside. My first ever gig was in a band with Jamie Barnard, son of Dave. We covered "Two Faced Two Timing Tart" by Laughing Gass - now that's a tune I would love to hear on the jukebox. "...asked her to dance... her boyfriend gave me an horrible glance.

Joe Cool mp3's loading...

She's a two faced two timin' tart. I love her but she's breakin' my heart." Now that's poetry!

And also all through the 90's my guitar case was also a Laughing Gass original mysteriously handed on to me via Souchart from the Killers.

Anyway, it is sad that Jamie Barnard and my dad, John Clay, are no longer with us. But also special that the music still is. Thank you!

Cheers, Jamie

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