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punkdaddy writes:
t was very sad to have to announce the death of Jamie Barnard, aged just 34, on this website.
If you would like to post a message for Jamie, his mum Rose or his dad Dave, click here and type 'Jamie' into the subject line of your email and we'll get your message posted asap.

Jamie's funeral was held at St Bartholemew's Church, Ann Street, Brighton at midday Thursday 11th January 2007. There was a wake at Circus Circus (on Preston Circus) after the service.

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Thanks so much for all your messages.

Rose Barnard | 22 Dec 2010
To Jamie where ever you are, SHINE BRIGHTLY SWEET SON, SHINE ON.
Much loved, never forgottenx

Rose Barnard
Second Anniversary | 24 December 2008

Today is the second anniversary of my son Jamie's death. I ask those of you who knew Jamie to not have sorrow in your hearts but joy, for the life he had. They say our children are our best teachers, I agree. Jamie taught me to embrace each day.

His early departure has made me realise, love, forgiveness and understanding for those around you is paramount. For the past is history and cannot be changed. Tomorrow is unwritten, a fantasy. Today is a gift to express love and appreciation to others. That's why it's called the present.

Jamie, though sadly missed, lives on in our hearts, his memory is cherished with the love and joy of knowing him. I ask all of you to honour Jamie's life and memory, with grace and dignity, so he can truly live on in the love we have for him and the love he generated for all of us. Rose

Main picture above: Jamie with Northern Light
Below: Special Patrol - Jamie with Dylan and Danny. Jamie at home

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More messages from Jamie's mum Rose

Thanks from Rose: 24 January 2007
It's been a month since Jamie died, not a day, hour, or minute passes without me thinking of him, always so vibrant with his music, jokes and passion for life it is hard to imagine a life without him. Jamie would have felt so chuffed at everyone who attended his funeral, the article in the Argus on Jan 13 and making every billboard  throughout Brighton with the news of his death, I know he is around somewhere with his smiley face loving all of you for your attention.

The money is still coming in for Jamie's memorial bench, I will keep you all updated either by letter or on the website about where, and when, it will be, there will also be a memorial dance with Spiral, at King Alfred and a tribute gig at the Concorde, more on this soon.

Thank you to Jamie's family and friends who have helped me through these dark days, it seems ironic that we all knew Jamie loved a drink and the day before he died, we had been to see the doc about him not feeling too good, he was given the all clear, with all organs functioning just fine, we asked for a retest just to make sure, then next day gone. 

Jamie burned too bright in this life and in the Coroner's words he just burnt himself out, a familiar scenario for talented, creative people. I was extremely lucky to have been Jamie's Mum

and yes Jame I will always 'thank you for the days, those endless days and sacred days you gave me'. Love to you all from the bottom of my heart x
PS: Keep the messages coming

Christmas Eve | 24 December 2007
Now the first anniversary has passed, I want to thank all of you who have sent messages on this page, and in person throughout the year. Your words of kindness help a great deal. On the morning of Jamie's first anniversary, i woke to a beautiful sunrise, and thought, 'yes, Jamie sent that to all of us'.

The memorial benches are in place now, one at Preston Park pet cemetary, the other just past the West Pier, on Kings Road, opposite the bandstand, at the bottom of Bedford Square. I am hoping to have a Memorial gig at some point, will keep you all posted. A big thank you to Phil Byford for making this page happen and to all my family for their love and support.

26 May 2008
Hello to all of you, thanks to all who visit Jamie's site regularly, I appreciate it. And to all of you who filled out the memory cards, they truely have been a great comfort, bringing to the fore many happy times through Jamie's  life.
Jamie now has a headstone made from oak. With the words, 'Shine brightly sweet Son, shine on' carved on it. The piece of wood came from an ex- 'seadog' in Cornwall who planned to build his own boat out of  pieces of seasoned oak the woodstone came from, but gave up when age got the better of him...
The ongoing 'washing machine' of thoughts, feelings, and unanswered questions surrounding Jamie's death never cease, and the case remains open.
If anyone  else wants a memory card to fill out, email me and I will send it back as an attachment, be great to hear your memories of Jamie. All will be printed off and placed in Jamie's memory box forever. Bye for now and big love to all.

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