About The Depressions

Original Line-up:
Ozzy 'Kro-Bar' Garvey • drums
Dave Barnard • vocals, bass
Frank 'Hammer' Smith • guitar
Eric Wright • vocals, lead guitar

The Depressions aka The DP's
Dave, Eric and Frank all grew up in the same street and had been playing in various moderately successful groups for the last few years.

Most notable being the infamous Tonge, who, in a blaze of publicity managed to get themsekves banned from every venue in the south.

The Depressions were arguably the top band in Brighton at the time but never really got the recognition they deserved and of all the bands only the Piranhas went on to bigger things.

What is it that fans find so appealing about the Depressions?

"...First time I saw the Depressions there were about seven of us dancing out of about thirty. When the encores came they dedicated them to those of us that had been dancing.

They've got energy. And they're Brighton and they've got something in them more than most. They're the best Brighton band ever. Better than Leo Sayer, Psycho Normal, the Piranhas - better than anybody..." A Fan

Soon after the Depression's split, Dave went on to form the Vandells, who had a mod-oriented sound and were featured on the Vaultage 79 album.

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About the DP's

Revised Line-up
Ozzy 'Kro-Bar' Garvey • drums
Dave Barnard • vocals, bass
Tony Maybury • guitar
Eric Wright • vocals, lead guitar

When Frank Smith left the DP's circa 78, Tony Maybury was brought in to replace him. Tony had been playing guitar with local outfit Midnight & the Lemon Boys.

U2 were largely unknown at the time but a lot of the Edge was evident in Tony's playing.

A year later, after the DP's split up, Tony was to appear in the Vandells line-up, along with Dave Barnard. The modern sound of the Vandells was more suited to Tony's subtle style than the crashing power chords of the DP's.

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