About Psycho Normal & His Stiff Victims

Dick Bone • guitar
Pete Lyon • keyboards
Graeme Hobbs • vocals
Steve Haydert • drums

I didn't know these blokes personally, but I was aware of them at the time, they featured in a lot of grafitti around town and of course it's a brilliant name for a punk band. It just rolls off the tongue. I'm pretty sure they were there from the start, playing down the Vault.

It's not much to go on, so if any of you intrepid punkers know any more about them, personnel, brief history, photos, flyers, fanzines etc., get in touch and we'll add it to this page. Many thanks to Paul Martin for sending the cuttings in, what a splendid chap he is.

I'll have to speak to my old mucker Dick Damage, he's pretty knowledgable about the early days, though how he's retained so much detail in memory is hard to fathom considering his appetite for oblivion back then. More power to yer elbow, DD.

Pete Lyon | March 2009
Hi, Pete Lyon of the Vandells here. I was the keyboard player with Psycho Normal before joining the Vandells. I remember that gig at Ronnie Scott's. We also recorded a 3 track single. The A side was called Anal Love.

It received little airplay! Can't remember everyone's names now. Too long ago. We had stage names. Mine was "Count Licker." The vocalist, Graeme was a great bloke but NOT normal. I think the drummer was Steve Haydert. Hope this helps. All the best, Pete Lyon.

Roy Bayfield | July 2008
Nice to see a page about Psycho Normal. Remember seeing them in the New Regent. Graeme Hobbs was the vocalist; I can recall a guitarist called Dick Bone.

A theatrical, crazy, committed combo. Graeme went on to front Tricks Upon Travellers and currently runs a lovely guest house in Spain!
I reminisced a bit here last year

Simon Woolven | November 2008
The Electric Babies were formed at the latter stage of Psycho Normal, Dick was recruiting for the Babies a few months previous to the pictures being taken. Ash, who is in the picture with Dick Bone (see above), was good friends with Psycho. I believe Ash still works in the music business, doing soundstage production for local bands and events.

Simon Woolven | November 2008
Hi, Hope all is well, Just a quick one to let you know there is a youtube video of Psycho Normal doing Elephant Man at the New Regent: 

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