About The Vandells

Dave Barnard • vocals, bass
Tony Maybury • guitar
Marcus Thirtle • vocals
Stewart Green • drums
Pete Lyon • keyboards

When the Depressions (aka DP's) split, Dave formed the Vandells to coincide with the mod revival that happened along with the whole punk thing.

Marcus and Dave's authentic vocals and Tony's excellent guitar work combined to make a sound that really is very Brighton. Not so much punk as mod.They should have gone on to bigger and better things as a band.

Featured on Vaultage 79 with two tracks, Bank Holiday and Another Girl. Dave continues to play locally and is one of Brighton's best known musicians.

Thanks to Pete Lyon for sending these two emails and putting a few things right:

Peter Lyon | December 2003
Hello there. Just found your site and as CJ Anderson (who he?) says, it is a right old memory jogger. A minor detail. On your Vandells page you have me as guitarist when I played the keyboards if I remember correctly (which I probably don't as I was rat-assed much of the time). In fact I only just remember being in the Vandells. Thanks for reminding me.

Unfortunately that isn't me in the photo but a guy named Adam who replaced me for a while then I rejoined. Thanks for the positive description of the Vandells as a musical band. Dave Barnard's contrubution cannot be overestimated. Sad to see Tony looking young and fit. Well, cheers and see you down the Alhambra. Pete Lyon

Peter Lyon | December 2003
Yo! My name's Pete Lyon and I'm an alcoholic. Oh sorry, wrong meeting. I mean my name's Pete Lyon and I was the keyboard player with The Vandells back in 79/80. This is a droll website. It really is a walk down the memory lane of dis-functional, bitter failures. Are we all growing old disgracefully with the punk ethic still inscibed in our 9 to 5's?

Your Vandells page brought back many memories. Obviously The Alhambra, "Ain't you got no 'omes to go to?" and that skate board place. The Vault made you feel dead even if you weren't. Sad to see a young, fit looking Tony Maybury. It was all downhill after the Vandells.

Thanks for saying nice things about us. Dave Barnard wrote a lot of good songs but we never made it. I think the main reason was our huge consumption of drink and drugs, but I'm not an expert. I have lived in Bangkok, Thailand for many years as I couldn't stand the frantic pace of Brighton any longer. Greetings to Rob of

Woody & The Splinters and Chris of The Lemon Boys. I also played with the Splinters, Fan Club, The Exclusives and Psycho Normal & his Stiff Victims at various times.

If anybody remembers these facts do get in touch. And yes Owen, I remember No Exit. You supported us frequently and your bass player was called Alan and he never stopped laughing. Never saw the joke but it's dark when your head's stuck up your own asshole. Yours, puking, pogo-ing, gobbing, and whizzing into the nearest Old Punks Home with safety pins on!!! Pete Lyon

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Vandells snaps

Bank Holiday
where am I going?
Bank Holiday
what am I doing?
Bank Holiday
know where I'm going
on Bank Holiday

Read and send meesages of condolence for
Jamie Barnard

featured on Vaultage 79

Evening Argus Spin-Off
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