About Woody & the Splinters

John Crampton • vocals, guitar
Rob McRobert • bass
Ian Jarvis • drums
Stewart Green • drums

Featured on Vaultage 79

Woody & the Splinters always got the punters going and were a very tight live unit. They wrote all-original material with gritty singer and guitarist John Crampton to the fore. On bass, Rob was ace and with Ian Jarvis on drums, this was one rockin' combo. Not strictly punk, more punk blues.

John is still singing the blues around Brighton to this day. Check out one his gigs on

Former bass player Rob sent us this email:
John Crampton, the singer in Woody and the Splinters, just sent me this...Hope its OK. The other guy in the picture is Ian Jarvis.

We had a mad German drummer before him called Yochim Meyer and Stewart Green from the Vandells was our last drummer.

On your Vandells page I noticed you didnt have Stewart's name there....that is him in the picture. Also the keyboard player in the Vandells picture is Pete Lyons.

John Crampton
Hello punkdaddy. Great website! On the

Woody and the Splinters page, where it says I am still playing, would it be possible to put my website which has all my gigs, and also that I now play abroad a lot? (USA, Canada, France, Germany, Prague, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Ireland, Greece etc) Thanks, John Crampton

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