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This site is sad to announce the death of Tony Maybury, in May 2002. A fine guitarist with, amongst others, Midnight & the Lemon Boys, the Depressions and later the Vandells. Tony in his prime had a great guitar sound and was a well-known and well-respected musician on the Brighton scene.

Back in the late 70's, when Frank Smith left the DP's, Tony replaced him. After the DP's split up, Tony was part of Dave Barnard's new band, the Vandells. His colourful style was more suited to the mod-undertones of well-crafted songs like Bank Holiday, featured on the Vaultage 79 album, and this website.

In the light of the recording deals pulled off by the Piranhas, the Vandells never fulfilled their early promise, despite being possibly the most musically accomplished band around Brighton at the time. Click on the image opposite for more on Tony and the DP's >

Anyone seen Reg Piranha?
Johnny Black of Q magazine got in touch with us regarding the whereabouts of bassist Reg Piranha. He is doing a piece on the Piranhas for the next issue of Q.

Tony Maybury: a fine guitar player in his heyday with the DP's and the Vandells
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