About the Exclusives

Steve Botting • sax/lead vocals
Nigel Rayner • bass/vocals
Peter Cranleigh-Swash • guitar/vocals
Paul Bonham • drums
Lee Benfell • keyboards

The Exclusives by A.J.Q. Taylor
(the famous historian of pots)
The origin of the Exclusives can be traced back to the dark and distant days of 1978, when three fresh faced youngsters Peter Swash, Paul Bonham and Lee Benfell from Balcombe, Sussex, England, formed a band called the Decoys.

After gigging without a bassist, they were joined by ageing bass supremo Nigel Rayner in March of 1979, when a London band started using the same name. After an extensive legal battle (which did not even make the Sunday People), our four gallant lads decided that a change of name was advisable.

After a great deal of discussion and hair-tearing, the alternative decided upon was the Exclusives. Shortly after the change of name, the Exclusives were joined by Steve (ex-Pinball) on sax and vocals. The line-up has subsequently remained unchanged. The Exclusives gigged mainly in the Brighton area, but purveyed their lunatic brand of schizoid pop to such diverse watering-holes as London, Reading and even Portsmouth.

"...It has been that way ever since, and the Exclusives have progressed ever onwards to the places where no man has gone before (eg. the Alhambra). Since becoming a household name, the band have not changed their way of life (or their underwear) "

The Exclusives are indebted to Pete Lyons of the the Vandells who played the keyboards on this track during one of his (rare) sober moments.

Lee Benfell | Virgin to Angel | Dec 2011
Hi. Just thought you might be interested in a book I've just published. It's about some of the bands I was in including the Exclusives and consequently has a lot of nostalgic stuff about the Brighton scene (some of it fond and some not so).

Might be of interest to your following...anyway, I'll let you decide. You can find it here or if you want any bits just let me know and I can email you. Keep rocking, Lee Benfell, Ex-Exclusive

Pete Fraser | February 2008
Hi, I often worked with Steve Botting and his PA rig during the early 80's but never new he was an ex- member of the Exclusives. I last bumped into him backstage at a Bangles gig in Berkely, California sometime in 1986 (he was engaged to marry their drummer...it appears the rest is history)

"...Debbi Peterson, who has a 9 year old son and a 2 year old daughter with husband Steve Botting (who did production management for the Bangles in the '80s), has worked on..." Well done that man. Pete Fraser

PS:  I love your site. it almost compensates for the missing brain cells, the bloody little stop outs.

Steve Botting | March 2008
Hi, funnily enough Debbi recently brought your website to my attention. She also got me the old Vaultage discs on CD for me, much to my enjoyment! I can't believe how many years have passed...

I am now resident in California and was recently back in Brighton for the first time in years. I had to stay at the Thistle Hotel, which was built on the site of the old Alhambra to honour it!

Many a Sunday night spent watching the Piranhas or the Vandells at that old place...Would love to get Pete Fraser's e-mail address to touch base. Greetings from Sunny LA! Cheers, Steve Botting

The song 'Sinking Gondola' is featured on the album Vaultage 80.

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