Help save the Hippodrome

Help save the Hippodrome - historic Brighton music venue

If you agree and feel, as we do, that this historic masterpiece must be saved and returned to its former glory as a beautiful and unique venue which serves the community rather than corporate investors, please make your feelings known to the Councillors - their email addresses are in the pdf below, please be polite and constructive. If you would prefer to write a letter, please address it to: Council Planning Department, King’s House. Grand Avenue, Hove BN3 2LS.

Run the clip opposite, show your support and help to SAVE OUR HIPPODROME!
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Brighton UK Premiere of 'Front' by Kevin Wright, starring Jamie Sives (Game of Thrones) and Toby Hemingway (Black Swan) and co-star Holly Holsta. Music by Dave Barnard and Kevin Wright.

The film is a fictional account based around the Brighton punk scene of the late seventies. Here's a link to the trailer

Here's a link to get tickets

Go to YouTube version

November 2014

International Songwriting Competition

Hi, I want to let you know that the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) has extended its deadline until November 4, 2014, and any help from Punk Brighton in distributing this news would be greatly appreciated.
A press release is attached.

Called "the songwriting competition to take note of," by the New York Times, ISC gives away more than $150,000 in cash and prizes, including a Grand Prize of $25,000 cash and over $40,000 in prizes.

Judges for this year include: Tom Waits, Sarah McLachlan, Bastille, J. Holiday, Sara Evans, DJ Snake, Avicii, McCoy Tyner, Garbage, John Hiatt, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Gerald Casale (Devo), Monte Lipman (President, Universal Republic), Dan McCarroll (President, Capitol/Virgin Label Group); and many, many more.

We sincerely appreciate your support and hope you can help spread the word about the extended deadline for ISC.

Best Regards,
Jim Morgan, Marketing Director

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Thanks to Dave King for sending us these ancient recordings of the Mockingbirds, now added to the punkbrighton jukebox

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Old Brighton punks join forces to make new album

Mr Chill meets punkdaddy

Mr Chill, former Dodgems front man Gary Turner and punkdaddy, ex-Flesh/Lillettes/April & The Fools guitarist Phil Perfect joined forces back around 2010 and the result is the eagerly awaited debut album Devil's Music.

These two had known each other since about 1972. During the heyday of punk they frequently shared the stage with their respective bands at The Vault, The Richmond and The Buccaneer.

They first got together to record I Blame Rock n Roll under the banner of The Dodgems feat. punkdaddy. This was put together almost entirley by sending each player's part as an mp3 attached to an email and then mixed and recorded at punkdaddy's.

The other Dodgems were far flung around the globe since the heady days of Lord Lucan (have they found him yet?) with drummer Charlie Zuber out in Tasmania, Paul Birchall in South Africa, Doug Potter up in Manchester and Gary the only remaining Brighton connection.

punkdaddy had made a solo album, Retard In The White House (2006), a mash up of samples and his own guitar work and having got that out

of his system wanted to work with a singer and get back to his punk rock roots.

Enter Dick Damage, who contacted punkdaddy through this very website, the pair hadnt clapped eyes on each other for something like 25 years,

punkdaddy: "Me and Dick made an album from his words and my tunes, we called it TSDS after his song The Shit Dont Stick (2007). We had a lot of fun making it and it was all done upstairs at mine just using a mic, a mac and a guitar."

Dick sadly passed away in 2011, which is well documented elsewhere in this site.

Wanting to continue working with a singer and lyric writer, punkdaddy hooked up with Mr Chill, who himself was on the lookout for a tunesmith to turn his words into music.

Mr Chill: "The first song we wrote was Angie. Really the whole album came out of that one song. It's a sad song about losing the person you love to an incurable disease, but punkdaddy came up with a melody that was so well matched to the lyric that we knew there was more to come..."

Visit their website

• The album Mr Chill meets punkdaddy is available on CD Baby, iTunes and Spotify

British Music Archive • Music downloads • Radio Obscure

BMA logo

The British Music Archive is a non-profit music and heritage website that features an audio streaming library of commercially unreleased recordings (demos) with associated biographies. It celebrates the less-established bands that define the real story behind the British rock underground.

The website is presently dominated by underground acts from the 1960s that barely made it out of their respective suburbs, but unwittingly contributed so richly to our youth culture and music history and yet sadly, disappeared largely unrecognised.

With your help, we would like to broaden our musical content so that we can portray the underground music scene post 1970. To do this, all we would be asking for is your permission for your music (as featured on punkbrighton) to appear simultaneously on a website that has a similar theme, but with music drawn nationwide.

If you would like to know more about this website, please visit: www.britishmusicarchive.com

Regular punkbrighton contributor and the man who wrote the Attrix Memoirs, Stuart Jones is back on the radio. Sort of. He's put together a webpage of podcasts which you can play or download, one-hour programmes stuffed with the head-spinning variety of music normally found on his very popular Mr.Obscure webpage.

There are rarities, archive treasures, original demo recordings of famous stuff, bizarre comedy items and much more.

The new page is called Radio Obscure and you can get to it here.

punkbrighton is an online museum created and maintained by it's creator and curator, punkdaddy. I started off with a tatty old box file supplied to me by one Rick Blair, an amiable fellow, a man of integrity and a personal friend. That was in February 1999. I asked Rick if he could let me have any old photos and press cuttings from his days as creator and boss of Attrix Records, Brighton's first truly independent record company, set up in 1977, and as ever, he was obliging.

Rick offered to write the first article for the spawning punkbrighton site and I was about to lend him my old Olivetti typewriter when he died suddenly in May 1999. It was such a blow to everyone who knew him, but it made me all the more determined to get all his Attrix Records stuff online so that it wouldn't die with him. Over the years, site visitors have supplied hundreds of additional photos, press cuttings, mp3's and their own recollections to help make the site what it is today.

Launched in January 2000, punkbrighton was pretty soon nominated for a Yahoo Web Award, which was a bit of a surprise, because although the site functioned properly and had quite a bit of content, I thought the layout was shite. I've tried to improve it over time but it wasn't until ten years later, in 2010, that I finally felt able to let rip with some artistic input.

I hope punkbrighton does justice to all the bands and everyone else who was involved in the mighty upheaval that kicked off with the advent of punk. if you've got stuff, send it in.


- tributes still coming in

It was in January 2011 we announced the death of DD but tributes are still coming in. See Read Our Mail or go directly to the Dick Damage page

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Midnight & the Lemon Boys (JSD) - 8 tracks

Molesters Peel Sessions 1 & 2 - 7 tracks

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Piranhas Peel sessions 1, 2 & 3 - 12 tracks

Jamie Barnard Special Patrol - 2 tracks

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The Attrix Calender 1981
by David Roughton
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Coming eventually...
Look out for Situation Butane No.2, featuring the second part of Joe Strummer's interview with Stuart Jones. In the meantime, have a read of Situation Butane No.1

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The Albert pub and venue • March listings 2015

The Prince Albert
48 Trafalgar Street
Brighton BN1 4ED

01273 730499

the Albert

01.03.2015 8.pm,,18+,Free,,N,Pink Lizzards + Spoken Word + Poetry and Art
02/03/2015 8.pm,,18+,,,N,T.B.C
03/03/2015 8.pm,,18+,,,N,Flowers + Trannosaurus dead + support
04/03/2015,8.pm,18+,free,,N,SLIP JAM
05/03/2015 8.pm,,18+,£8,http://www.wegottickets.com/event/301505,N,Dreaming Spires + Jet Glo
06/03/2015 8.pm,7.pm,18+,£5,,N,The Au Revoirs + support
07/03/205,8.pm,18+,£8,http://www.wegottickets.com/event/303424,N,The Vibrators + Apocalypse Baby's + Overload and Skurvi
08/03/2015,8.pm,18+,£8,http://www.wegottickets.com/event/303633,N,Good Luck Mountain + Jack Harris
09/03/2115,8.pm,18+,,,N,Jamie Knox + Team New Band + Edwardalice
10/03/2015,8.pm,18+ ,£4/5,,N,Krak Krak + support
11/03/2015,8.pm,18+ ,£4,,N,Moby Slick + Joe Bernie + Lu Cazana + Megan Alana
12/03/2015,8.pm,18+`,,,N,The Wands + support
13/03/2015,8.pm,18+ ,£5,,N,Red Raucous + support
14/03/2015,8.pm,18+ ,£5,,N,T-Belly + Mike Ross
16/03/2015,8.pm,18+ ,£5,http://www.wegottickets.com/event/307994,N,The Jar Family + support
17/03/2015,8.pm,18+,,,N,Grove St Families + Solemn + Put Down + Teef + Dials
18/03/2015,8.pm,18+ ,,,N,Fable + Fragile Creatures
19/03/2015,8.pm,18+,,,N,Cavendish Sniff + support
20/03/2015,8.pm,18+,£10,http://www.wegottickets.com/event/292111,N,The Ramonas + support
21/03/2015,8.pm,`18+,£4.50,https://www.wegottickets.com/event/298504,N,Caremel Jack + Sweeney Astray + The Shakespear Heptet
22/03.2015,8.pm,18+,£6,,N,TROJAN†HORSE† + †CLOWWNS† + †ALL†THE†ABOVE
25/03/2015,8.pm,18+,£7,http://www.wegottickets.com/event/307078,N,Exerath + Last Days Of Rome + Milk White Throat
26/03/2015,8.pm,18+,£4,,N,RIVER†JUMPERS + VALOURS†+†WATER†CANVAS†
27/03/2015,8.pm,18+,£6.50,http://www.wegottickets.com/event/308790,N,STAY SICK present LAS ASPIRADORAS (Spain) + THE DIALS + support
28/03/2015,8.pm,18+,,,N,The Real Music Club presentsÖ.. See website for details
29/03/2015,2-5pm,18+ ,£7,,N,Robb Johnson and the Irregulars
29/032015,8.pm,18+,,,N,Thomas Truax†+ support
31/03/2015,8.pm,18+,£7,http://www.wegottickets.com/event/306139,N,STARA RZEKA + support

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