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Montage with Nicky of the Dots

Kate sent this in with the photos below

My recollection of the Objeks was that we were basically gigging for benefits.. No one ever made a penny which is why the resources centre was so essential  for sharing resources with other bands. Three of us were at art school (Dawn, Paul and  Kate) three were not (Heather, Dave and Stella.) Those of us at art school were all making political art ..our  activities very much reacting to what was happening with local the art school and the student union..then there were the issues that were going on regarding the tories and the local fascists..the bnp and the nf  and  many of us joined in demos locally and in London. Dawns list is pretty accurate and also impressive.. I can't remember that much was all an angst blur peppered with a lot of essential humour. Kate

Cassette and cover of 6 Minutes

Stella with Mark and Martin

Dougie holding my guitar, usual activity …eating glass..

Objeks supporting Oxy and the Morons. I think the gig was at the Concorde. Paul is hiding behind a speaker (his favourite habit) Stella is concentrating on her chords, Kate on vocal, Heather on drums Dawn on vocal and Dave on bass.

The banner.. We rolled it up when it was still wet..but get the idea…

The big march from the art school to Falmer

Paul and Dawn modelling screen printed shirts of assassinations of Vietcong villagers

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