The Lillettes gallery

Time for a fag break before the second half at a gig in Purley. We played to an audience of five! But we did a good set nevertheless. Left to right: Robin Banks, Dave Robson, Mick Perrin, Barb Dwyer, Phil Perfect, Tim Vicious

Dave in the Belle Vue pub near the Seven Dials, Lillettes' local

Hanbury Arms, the Bombay Bar 1979

Live at the Buccaneer

Tim rehearsing at the Lansdowne Centre, Hove

Phil tuning up at the Lansdowne Centre, Hove

The LP cover that never was! Drawn by Bob (the Elvis lookalike at Barb's feet) who was a big fan of ours. At the time he was going by the name of Leon Griffenda.

The Argus's Peter Archer gets all hot and bothered

Set list for where? Can't remember, which means we must have had a good time

Tim in his favourite place, the pub